2019 Baltimore Comic Con Dealer Summary


As a dealer, my aim is to give you all unbiased raw data and observations for each show I attend as a dealer. Baltimore Comic Con took place October 18th to 20th at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

1. Layout of the Show: All roads end at Baltimore when it comes to picking for comics. It is the show that bookends con season for those hunting for comics to flip or add to their personal collection. As always Baltimore had the country’s top end dealers along with some venturing out like Cloud City Comics from Montana and Graham Cracker Comics coming from Ohio. The Virginia and Maryland dealers that I do local shows had a good presence and brought a good amount of dollar finds and some solid Golden Age and vintage keys.


Some cool displays and variant covers in some booths


2. Pre-Show Sales: Had some pretty decent sales. Most notably was a NYX 3 CGC 9.8 which a dealer thought would go back up to $1,000 after sales have dipped since there was no announcement of her joining the MCU. The other bigger key we sold was a raw Avengers 48 VF. So going into the next 3 days felt good with my table rental all paid off.  


3. NYCC Effect on Baltimore: Now that I have done both shows, I can definitely say NYCC had an effect at Baltimore Comic Con this year. Attendees who missed out on big keys in New York tried again and we had success in selling high dollar books to fans. The following books ranging from $500 to $2500 sold steadily all weekend: Silver Surfer 4 CGC 8.0, Amazing Spider-Man 6 CGC 7.5, Giant-Size X-Men 1 CGC 2.0, Amazing Spider-Man 129, Justice League of America 1 CGC 3.5, Werewolf By Night 32 CGC 5.0 and Detective Comics 880 CGC 9.8. It was a monster weekend for us not just because the big keys sold but because…


4. Everything Sold: From dollar books, DC Silver Age non key books to keys ranging from $10 to $200, we were selling at a very steady pace. Sold all my copies of Secret Wars 1, Thor 337, Infinity Gauntlet 1, even sold an X-Men 282, 1st Bishop. Books I have had a hard time selling for years I was blowing out. I almost wished I had a whole long box of X-Force 2s to see what would happen. From everyone I talked it seemed like all the top dealers and also the mid-level dealers like us did very well. Victory Comics and Battlefield Comics were also very busy selling discounted books.


Young investor scoring some Gwen Stacy keys


5. Bloodshot: A big time trailer drop for Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot movie on Saturday had attendees swarming to buy RAI 0, his 1st appearance. People seem to really like the trailer but also felt the trailer gave away too much information. By Sunday, Eternal Warrior 4 seemed ghost, I didn’t see any on walls, either those copies sold or were pulled by dealers. Valiant keys have been down for a couple years and it will be interesting to see if a trickle effect to the other original titles like Turok, Solar Man of the Atom, and Ninjak happens.


That Bloodshot trailer had a lot of promise


6. Artist Alley: Baltimore is known for being very comic collector friendly and they worked hard to bring big time artists. Jim Lee, Neal Adams and Jim Steranko were the bigger names. I heard Steranko was really enjoying his time and spent a lot of time interacting with fans. Don Rosa had a lot of action too drawing and getting commissioned a ton to do Uncle Scrooge. I luckily had a little down time on Friday and one of my friends told me JeeHyung Lee was at the Frankie’s Comics booth and was available. He doesn’t get around a lot and I was able to score a Punisher sketch on a rare Punisher blank variant for a solid $150. Also got Marv Wolfman to sign a minty copy of Nova 1 too.


Meeting Jeehyung Lee and scoring a Punisher sketch was the cherry on the cake


7. CGC Onsite Grading: I was very happy with CGC services. It was very organized and they were able get everyone lined up on Friday and Saturday for onsite. In all I onsited 43 books and was pretty happy with the grading. I got my first 9.9 on a Leave on the Light 1 variant. I also got a 9.8 on a Thor 132, 1st appearance of Ego. Was super ecstatic about that one too. Most of my moderns got 9.8s and my vintage were right on target for grading. I got some surprises but no letdowns. Most people seem to be happy with the grades.


My first 9.9 from CGC!


8. Adam Warlock: Lots of people were looking for Adam Warlock keys. We sold a mid-grade of Thor 165, his 1st appearance as Him and tons of people were looking at our Strange Tales 178. We ended up selling one copy. Also, one of my friends picked up a raw Marvel Premiere 1 NM from the Heroes booth for I think $425. I think after years and years of teasers of him coming on screen people are coming to the realization that he must show up. Now that James Gunn is back perhaps he can start and finish directing his story for Him. I use to have 7 copies of Thor 165 and now I am down to one last copy. Might be a good time to stock up a little too before the bubble bursts.


9. X-Men Mania: X-Men remained hot at the show. We did have an X-Men 1 CGC .5 that had many looks priced at $1600. Giant Size X-Men 1 copies were still very up in price throughout the hall. I think we had the best price in the hall for a slabbed CGC 2.0. That sold on Saturday for a $700. Another comic still simmering is X-Men 96, Moira MacTaggart’s 1st. We sold a VF copy easily on Friday for $125. X-Men 129 was also an asked about book with Kitty Pryde showing up in the new Marauders series. I am not sure on the long term spec on the bronze X-Men keys because there are a ton of them out there but there’s also a decent amount in a lot of people’s collections. From my observations I think there’s time before they reach a leveling off point. There are still many triggers for X-Men from the rumors of the continuation of X-Men the Animated Series, casting rumors and most importantly now how the Hickman titles do for the next year.


Professor X even got some love and got 2nd place in the cosplay contest


10. Ghost Rider: I ended up going on quite of a binge for Ghost Rider. Many dealers did not know that Kevin Feige was considering bringing in Johnny Blaze in for a Disney+ show. I ended up buying 3 slabbed copies of Marvel Spotlight 5 and 1 raw copy to boot. It was a targeted buy because I saw so many spec opportunities for the book with the Alejandra Jones character rumored to be casted and also the possibility that Marvel may try to hype up the character like Venom and Carnage. Just a hunch.


This would be a sick casting if it ever happened


11. Conclusion: Baltimore was a good experience as always. We had our second best sales ever for comics and I did not expect that coming. As stated everything sold and I was in a good mood all weekend wheeling and dealing. The comic market seems to be in good hands with a strong economy, I think I saw more collectors at this show than the previous 2 years. All in all I suggest you to make your way to Baltimore if you have yet to check it out. My next write-up will be our Dealer Summary for 2019.


Notable Purchases: Amazing Spider-Man 31 CGC 5.5, Amazing Spider-Man 59 VF/NM, Amazing Spiderman Annual 1 CGC 3.5, Avengers 9 CGC 7.0, Fantastic Four 48 VG, Fantastic Four 50 VG/FN, Marvel Spotlight 5 CGC 7.0, Marvel Spotlight 5 CGC 6.5, Marvel Spotlight 5, Marvel Spotlight 5 CGC 4.0, Marvel Spotlight 5 GD/VG, Monstress 1 NM 2nd Print.


Notable Sales: Amazing Spider-Man 6 CGC 7.5, Amazing Spider-Man 129 FN/VF, Avengers 47 CGC 8.5, Avengers 48 CGC 7.0, Detective Comics 880 CGC 9.8, Giant Size X-Men 1 CGC 2.0, Justice League of America 1 CGC 3.5, Marvel Spotlight 5 CGC 5.5, NYX 3 CGC 9.8, Silver Surfer 4 CGC 8.0, Werewolf By Night 32 CGC 5.0


Thank you,

Philip Lee

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