2019 Heroes Con Dealer Summary


As a dealer, my aim is to give you all unbiased raw data and observations for each show I attend as a dealer. Heroes Con took place June 14th to 16th in Charlotte, North Carolina.



1. Layout of the Show: For years, I have heard Heroes Con is a great show for buying comics and has made great efforts to appease comic book fans and collectors. This was the 1st show I ever attended and was eager to find out if the show lived up to its reputation. Going in, I was told by a reputable dealer that the show is great but there is a lot of competition and boy was he right. There seemed to be dozens upon dozens of comic book dealers in the hall: from dollar books, trade paperbacks, key books and about 12 Amazing Fantasy 15s in the hail you had it all. The show also featured some of today’s most appreciated artists like Stan Sakai, Sergio Aragones, Neal Adams, Clayton Crain and Jenny Frison.


The live art auction was hit with tons of bidders


2. Live Art Auction: Front row and center was a live painting exposition. The host encouraged people to come up and paint and have their own art put up for auction. Even artists from Artist Alley spent some time with fresh paint and a brush in front of ongoing fans of art. I saw many pieces went for hundreds of dollars. During one of my visits to the CGC booth I saw an attendee submit an artwork for CGC submission.


DT Comics was the hottest booth in the hall.


3. The Best Buying Show Ever: Not an overstatement at all. 2 freshly bought collections, 5 private collections, local dealers and the top dealers in the country made this show a pickers dream. 1 of the freshly bought collections at the DT Comics booth had me holding a fistful of Star Wars 1s, and randomly another fistful of X-Men 29s, a cover with Super Adaptoid. All unread. It was madness as I barely could squeeze through to get into a short box.

Turns out this collection had been an in storage locker for years and was previously owned by a local comic book store. Of note, I grabbed a few Eternal 11s ($46 to $64), Avengers 8 ($106), and Lois Lane 70 ($55) at close to 50% of market. My friend did a lot better and he got a couple Sub-Mariner 1s and also a couple Avengers 8s in mid to high grade. I paid a visit to the booth Sunday and they seem to be tapped out of a lot of the good deals they had. But it seriously took all 3 days to tap them out. Impressive.

A private collection also got pillaged when he did an all 20% off sale off Silver Age keys. Was told he sold an Amazing Spider-Man 3 that he owned since he was a kid. On Day 2, I picked up an Amazing Spider-Man 41 FN+ for $160 and bought a Journey Into Mystery Annual 1 FN for $22. Fantastic deals could be found all around the hall.    


4. Dollar/Discount Bin Hunting: Every attendee told me they were just overwhelmed by all the comics to look at. It seemed a lot of booths were blowing out old stock. One guy told me he didn’t sell a single wall book all weekend but still ended up selling several thousand dollars of discount books just on Friday and Saturday alone.

The did only 2 dollar/discount bin hunting trips At Red Lantern Comics And Toys across from my booth, I pulled a Giant-Size Creatures 1 ($5) and Amazing Spider-Man 210 ($15). At Almost Anything behind our booth, I pulled a Thor 337 Newstand for $35.

Deals like this you can’t even find on the bay. I saw a lot of happy hunters carrying boxes of comics around the hall. The Usagi Yojimbo Heroes Con Exclusives were also a big bargain too. The colored copy was $10 and the sketch was $15. Some fans had Stan Sakai sign and get it remarked.


These con exclusives were limited to 1 per customer each day


5. Golden Age Rush: With Endgame showing not much spec for the immediate MCU future, a lot of collectors seem to be jumping on the Gold Rush bandwagon. So many people were asking me for Golden Age and I was not prepared. By Saturday, I went on a Golden Age shopping spree and threw up whatever I could find to appease the masses.

CBSI’s Any Tomberlin for Indy Spotlight which I had a delight to meet with his girlfriend Lauren also did a shopping spree of Golden Age. I saw him pick up 2 copies Eerie 9, Strange Tales 29 and super scarce Strange Mysteries 7. My best buy was a Crown Comics 2 with a CGC 9.0 label in the polybag. Super cool book with Matt Baker art.


My Golden Age purchases


6. X-Men After The Dark Phoenix Movie: There were going to be 2 versions of what was going to happen with X-Men keys if the recent movie did not do well the box office: tank or hold steady. The latter happened and it seemed like attendees tempered their expectations of Dark Phoenix, knowing it may be a flop. If anything they seemed hungrier than ever to see X-Men in the hands of Disney.

Lots of people picked from my X-Men keys from the John Byrne run. Dealers and collectors were trying to pry my Giant-Size X-Men 1 CGC 6.5 and I had it at $2100 and I was in no rush to sell it. There was a Giant-Size X-Men 1 CGC 7.5 for $2500, a steal but heard there were no takers. That being said high grades of that book were still in high demand as the Forgotten 5 sold a Giant-Size X-Men 1 CGC 9.2.  


7. House of Secrets 92: Easily the hottest book in the hall was House of Secrets 92, 1st appearance of Swamp Thing. No one was doing any favors with their prices as I saw beater copies going for $1000 to $1200. I had a copy in VG- for $725 and was told by many my copy and the cheapest in the hall.

Still had no takers however as people most likely wanted a higher grade copy. Even though the show is cancelled, people are still driven to get this key and its demand is at an all-time high. Another cancelled show spec, Amazing Spider-Man 129, 1st appearance of The Punisher has leveled off at my recent shows. I saw it go on a short depreciation and has now risen back in value even after its cancellation and in limbo status.

Mid grades were easily close to $1000 or more. Clearly these two examples of Bronze Age keys show that even when their respective shows get cancelled, the fandom still remains.


8. Batman Keys: The rush for Batman keys did not happen here in the wake of the Robert Pattinson casting for the new cape and cowl. Attendees told me they were not too sure about the casting but remained hopeful. If anything, Batman Beyond comics were of big interest. I had one minty Batman Beyond 1 Six Flags edition that was looked at a lot. Was able to sell some of the original run.


Amazing Spider-Man 3 PGX 4.0, PGX never looked so good!


9. Grail Obtained: As stressed before in other articles, grails or super keys are coming harder and harder to come by. The comic book industry is pulling in collectors with expensive hobbies such as car collectors and sneaker heads. Higher priced keys are entering collections and not leaving. On Friday, we luckily were able to strike a deal for an Amazing Spider-Man 3 PGX 4.0. Due to it being a non CGC slab, I had to exam the comic carefully and felt like I agreed with the grade. We were super ecstatic to obtain a top 5 Spider-Man key.


10. CGC Crossover Service: With the help of the friendly CGC service people, I submitted the Amazing Spider-Man 3 PGX 4.0 for CGC Crossover Service. It being a silver age book, I also asked for a restoration check and screened it if I could pressed and clean it. For the cherry on top I got the Spider-Man CGC label. The total bill was about $96. Definitely worth it for a book that I had priced at $1750 as is.


11. Conclusion: I’ll say it again this was easily the best comic book show I have ever been to for buying. I spent a total of $3300 for a reflip value of $10,000, more or less depending on grades on keys dropped off to CGC. The show was very collector oriented with not many cosplayers compared to ones I have been to on tour. However with us selling toys we were able to interact to those who dressed up and they really had a good time.

Golden Age was so hot, as hot as I have ever experienced as a collector. Almost Anything, the booth behind me sold half a short box the 1st 2 days of the show. Thor 337s, Marvel Spotlight 12s and Special Marvel Edition 15s still remained hot and a lot of them were marked up. Was able to sell 2 copies of Thor 337 in VF/NM, a graded 9.6 copy, Marvel Spotlight 12 NM-, and a Special Marvel Edition 15 VG/FN freshly bought at the show.

Cancelled shows did not mean dead spec, 1st appearances of Punisher and Swamp Thing were scarce and still pricey. The show was a success for us from a selling and buying standpoint. Heroes Con showed that a collector oriented show can be balanced with today’s needs of a comic con.


Notable Purchases: Amazing Spider-Man 3 PGX 4.0, Amazing Spider-Man 41 FN+, Avengers 8 VG-, 3 copies Eternals 11 NM, Journey Into Mystery 86 GD, Journey Into Mystery Annual 1 FN+, Journey Into Mystery Annual 1 VG/FN, Master of Kung Fu 17 NM, Master of Kung Fu 17 VF+, Special Marvel Edition 15 VG/FN, Spider-Woman 1 CGC 9.8, Spider-Woman 1 CGC 9.6, Thor 337 FN+, Ultimate Fallout 4 CGC 9.6, Lois Lane 70 VG-, Air Fighter Comics Volume 1, 7 VG, -Crown Comics 2 VF/NM, Forbidden Worlds 10 FN+, Eerie 12 FR/GD, Adventures Into Weird Worlds 27 VG+


Notable Sales: Amazing Spider-Man 300 CGC 9.4 SS Stan Lee, Amazing Spider-Man 121 VF/NM, Avengers Annual 10 VF/NM, Incredible Hulk Annual 1, Marvel Spotlight 12 NM-, Special Edition 15 VG/FN, Sub-Mariner 1 VG-, Spider-Woman 1 CGC 9.6, FN/VF, Marvel Spotlight 32 VF/NM Thor 337 CGC 9.6, 2 copies Thor 337 VF/NM, X-Men 266 VF, Mad Man 1 CGC 9.8


Foot traffic was very fluid through the hall, people of all ages enjoyed the exhibits


Look its Barb from Stranger Things. Still Missing!


Ronan seriously thinking about buying this Ronan Funko Pop


Thank you,

Philip Lee

Vintage Comics And Toys


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