2019 Terrificon


As a dealer, my aim is to give you all unbiased raw data and observations for each show I attend as a dealer. Terrificon took place August 8th to 11th at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Connecticut.



1. Layout of the Show: Terrificon is known for being a comic collector’s show. The show was located in the Mohegan Sun Casino, and is one of very few cons that have that set up. This made for a very upbeat and relaxed vibe all weekend. Terrificon had a ton of artists attend the show, including Jim Steranko, Mark Teixeira, Jim Starlin and Clayton Crain. Artist Alley was huge and it felt like it was half the hall. Of the top vendors in the country, Superworld Comics, Dave and Adams and Absolute Comics were showcasing their keys. There were many local dealers also a private collection with a sign saying “Moving To UK Sale, All Must Go.” The biggest surprise appearance was Koops Comics who made a surprise visit from Southern California with a variety of comics, fanzines and foreign priced vintage comics.


A Jumbo Sized Thanos Action Figure Welcomed Fans


2. Bronze Age Horror Keys: Due to the Andrew Garfield rumor of playing Moon Knight, Werewolf By Night 32 was the hottest book in the hall. Before I opened my booth there was a bidding war for my Werewolf By Knight 32s from dealers. I ended up selling my Werewolf By Night 32 CGC 8.5 for $1850 and CGC 5.5 copy for $600 in a bundle deal. At one point someone told me all the Werewolf By Night 32s were sold out in the room. I also had 2 Tomb Of Dracula 10, and my VG- sold for $375 and the same guy took my Werewolf By Night 33 FN+ for $45. Even Werewolf By Night, got some heat and I sold my Marvel Spotlight 2 FN/VF for a sweet $100.


Rumors of Marvel Developing Moon Knight made this the book of the weekend


3. Carnage: Absolute Carnage hitting the shelves the Wednesday before created tons of buzz for comic readers and collectors. That plus, Clayton Crain onsite doing signatures and commissions made people want to get cool Carnage covers. Carnage USA 1 was highly sought out for. Not only that, but Venom seems to be hot again and many people looked at my Amazing Spider-Man 300 in NM- which I had for $400. At other booths, I saw raw Amazing Spider-Man 300s starting at $350 and going up to $650.


Moon Knight and Robin As Red X were rocking it with their homemade costumes


4. Golden Age Bonanza: One dealer I spoke to sold an All Select Comics 1. His asking price was 10k and he ended up selling it for $9k, wow. It’s not so often you see Timely DC books, especially that book. The same dealer sold out all of his Golden Age Joker covers, a ton of Pre-Code Horror and he also sold me a Fantastic Four 6 CGC 7.0. I was pretty happy about the purchase and I flipped in to a long time Fantastic Four collector on Sunday.


All Select Comics 1 and Fantastic Four 6


5. Tremendous Buying Opportunities: My buying was so good that out of $2500 I spent, I was able to make $1750 back in sales from my new inventory. My best buys were the Fantastic Four 6 CGC 7.0 for $1050, Star Trek 1 VF- for $100, Strange Tales 158 VF+ for $100. One of my friends found and bought a Tales of Suspense 52, 1st Black Widow for $350in a short box and instantly bought it. For the most part dealers were very fair in their pricing.



6. Conclusion: I came into the weekend wanting to sell some major keys and buy some books for New York Comic Con. The show was a tremendous success because we had a lot of competition as majority of the vendors were comic book dealers. Golden Age remained hot and we are now seeing the start of Bronze Age Horror books getting some much deserved love. The Eternals 1s and keys in the Bronze Age run were priced at market or above. I saw VFs selling for $150 to $200. X-Men 107 was another Bronze Age book heavily looked at all booths. If the schedule permits, I want to try to do Terrificon next year in 2020. Mitch Hallock is a great host and he really cares about all vendors and attendees and wants everyone to have a good experience. Right now, con season is winding down and still I was seeing Marvel keys flipping at historical rates. My next Dealer Summary will be for New York Comic Con, which I am sure to have tons to write about.


Notable Purchases: Avengers 48 VF-, Fantastic Four 6 CGC 7.0, Fantastic Four 49 FR/GD, Fantastic Four 50 VG-, Mister Miracle 1 VF-, Silver Surfer 1 VG+, Star Trek 1 VF-, Strange Tales 109 VG/FN, Strange Tales 158 VF+, X-Men 96 NM, X-Men 107 VF/NM

Notable Sales: Amazing Spider-Man 22 VF+, Fantastic Four 6 CGC 7.0, Fantastic Four 49 FR/GD, Fantastic Four Annual 5 VF-, Mister Miracle 1 VF-, Tomb Of Dracula 10 VG-,


Thank you,

Philip Lee

Vintage Comics And Toys


Last minute attendees at Dan Jurgens table getting autos


Was really tempted to buy this Jim Steranko originally owned Star Trek poster


Art for sale by a local Artist


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