3: CBSI Writer Wars Round 1 : Adam Anthony : Comic Hand of Doom

*****This entry was edited as little as possible by CBSI staff, but editing was done to keep it PG and to separate the paragraphs a bit*****


By blind Adam the comicpimp


Greetings from the Big Apple. That might change to sin city soon but

for now New York City is home. My name is Blind Adam Wonders the

comicpimp. I am the world’s only blind comic book dealer and I am the

rated x kingpin and the king of nerd core. Each and every week. I want

to deliver a pimp hand of doom and share a few comic books and

collectibles that can raise in price increase in demand become popular

due to a movie at. Show talk about cost play witch is amazing maybe

talk about clubs junk food what grinds my gears in America today and

just try and make you laugh. So kick back relax and lets live the rock

star life we all deserve and give some comics a pimp hand of doom.


A pimp hand of doom is. Well a pimp and of doom is living life at

hundred percent no matter what. A pimp hand of doom is buying a copy

of batgirl #23-b for cover price and themes selling it for forty

dollars on eBay or at a convention. A pimp hand of doom is being told by a pencil pushing

s.o.b. who still lives at home that a blind person doesn’t make movies

or opens a comic book store and then you pretend your stone cold Steve

Austin and spit in there face and get on national t.v. and make your

first short movie ask trey about the power of the pudding pop. but a

pimp hand of doom is making the American dream or nightmare come true

I love you guys everyone here on comic book invest has helped me see

without seeing you gave me a family a home and a place to belong so

thank you so much now let’s make the money with some comics because

you can’t teach that


  1.  Dc essentials the dark knight returns #1 frank miller the greatest

batman story of all time. Cheap reprint but tough to find in the wild

frank miller is one of my favorite writers he is also one of my life

coaches his batman run will continue to influence batman inn ll media

for years to come and if you want a great animated movie go find a dvd

copy of the deluxe batman the dark knight returns d.c.u. or watch

online some where


2.  Detective comics volume 1 #449-450 green arrow plus Alan Moore

equals money. This is also reprinted in across the d.c. universe

stories by Alan Moore witch might be out of print and arrow is an

amazing show


3.   I still want to know if jimmy cracks corn and jimmy does not care

then why in the heck does jimmy do it


4.  2000 a.d. s#71-84.

Second major judge dreed storyline. Early Brian

Boland art and covers. Only been reprinted in its entirety until 2015

features the infamous burger barons story I love this story I might

have to make a fan film using it I love Ronald MacDonald killing the

burger king my one gripe the apology to the jolly green giant in issue

#84 w.t.f. is that  just classic tough to find a.d. issues #testify


5.5 ….


6.Justice warriors in the world. Especially that Graig rucka guy who

got offended with this sexy and amazing cover. And to any a&&clowns

that say it is sexist give me a break go look at any golden age or

Adam heughs cover from the 2000s and tell me how it compares to this

playboy cover? This is a cheap buy in and with more people falling in

love with wonder woman this could be sought after


6 her venom, riverdales betty cooper, the silver age Gwen Stacey, lady

dead pool and daisy duck need much much sweet cos play love.


7 dear pizza hut can we please get a blue cheese stuffed crust pizza

on the market?? Why so many dam different stuffed crusts anyways? Can

we have barbecue stuffed crust pizza as well? That would reek of

awesomeness when having the mad munchies


8 Archie comics volume 1 #297 this is for all the Riverdale haters in

the world. To all the p.c. loving living in 1955 people that say at

conventions and online Riverdale is ruined Archie big whoop. It is the

c.w. and the creator of after life with Archie is the head of the show

so that is it sirs this is a sexy cheesecake cover featuring betty

cooper it is perfect for a s.s. by lily Rinehart who does the

convention scene try her at a heroes and villains fan fest #testify


9 batman volume 1 #307 another Bronze Age minor key that is so

undervalued and under rated this is the first Lucius fox the head of

Wayne industries and is in every adaption of batman Morgan freeman

played him in the dark knight round of batman movies. He is great in

Gotham and was even in the classic audio comic the untold legends of

the batman


10 marvel tales #191 I  believe marvel tales s#137-192 to be a classic

run reprints a.s.m. s#1-50 a.f. #15 and even annuals #1&2 what I love

about this issue is that is a mini graphic novel it collects amazing

Spiderman s#96-98 the infamous drug issues without the c.c.a. code in

one book .


  1. Marvel tales #192 features for the first time in one book together

the infamous amazing Spiderman #121-122. Yes the first reprints are in

marvel tales #98-99 but those were single issue reprints this is the

first time the story was reprinted together and can be had for $1-5


13 can we as a group go rescue Stan the man lee I am sick of hearing

how the poor old man has gotten his social media stolen lets whop the

people that are hurting Stan lee at this point Stan is like our grand

dads has is old falls asleep at the most inconvenient times like

signing books but we love him and his stories about the good old days

so let’s help him out and I still want one of those so called Stan lee

blood autographs for my collection o.k. I am a tad disturbed at times

so what


13 comic reader #139 pre dates black lighting #1 has a black lighting

cover and is his true first appearance fanzines from this era are

tough to find and even tougher to find in nice shape due to the size


14 marvel preview #21 early moon knight appearance black and white

magazine will he show in Netflix or not his fan base is royal but I am

taking best on how long before marvel cancels the current series I

give it six months


15 dear red bull either give my body wings or give me 40oz cans. Red

bull is a lying good for nothing except for helping me stay awake at

night and having the energy to dance the night away #testify


Well that is all or this week. Thank you for listening to me rant and

pimp. Thank you or being the greatest blessing in my life. So until

next time keep your pimp hand strong and use the force


Adam wonders the blind comicpimp


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