3 Men & A Little Lady…

You and the other Cull Obsidian will find the gem for me, Ebony Maw. Find it, and lay it before my feet. I will deal with the other. The Tribute is mine…

– Thanos: New Avengers #9



Greetings from the desert fellow CBSI members. With Avengers: Infinity War week’s away, and the newest trailer just released to our glazed over eyes. So let’s peel back the onion a little more on just what we will be witnessing riding on the shoulders of the last 10+ years of the MCU. It’s time to look more in depth at Thanos and his posse. The Black order, or Cull Obsidian as sometimes called were created by Jonathan Hickman, Jim Cheung, and Jerome Opeña during the 2013 series New Avengers.

These baddies were brought together by Thanos to achieve total universe domination. Their existence is to serve the Mad Titan and help carry out his apoplectic mentality. There is no real origin stories behind these members, but what they are capable of in terms of their abilities, is a bad force to be reckoned with out there in Marvel land.

Here are a few examples to wet your appetite:

  1. They took down the X-Men with very little effort.
  2. Within the battlefield they made almighty Hulk tap out per se, even reverting him back to Bruce Banner.
  3. Finally, Ebony Maw was able to turn Thane against his pop Thanos with mind manipulation.

Not really impressed yet? Perhaps after this read you may find them a force. So who are these fab five? Er… four for the movie.  Let’s take a look individually shall we?


Corvus Glaive



This bad dude is considered the leader, or right hand man to Thanos. He is a military tactician and a genius in combat studying planets past warfare to know their strengths and weaknesses. This gives him the blueprint on how to attack a planet, and cripple them early into battle.

In addition, he has super human strength, speed, and endurance. Finally, he has immortality due to the blade of the Glaive he yields, which can cut through anything and carries the weight of a Star – chew on that for a second… See below. As long as this blade is in tact, he cannot be killed. Really not someone you want to meet in a dark alley huh?


1st appearance: 2013 Infinity # 1 Free Comic Book Day

Print run: A lot, however in 9.8 condition? That shrinks the pool

EBay raw copies: $10 and up

EBay 9.8 copies: $150


Proxima Midnight



This lovely catch is the wife of Corvus. Yep, another one too with super human strength, speed, and invulnerability. She is a master combatant. Her spear can cut things down to a molecular level. This affects different biological beings in different ways. Example? Proxima fought the Hulk during the events of Infinity she attacked him and the weapon forced him to revert back to Bruce Banner see below panel.

The It’s probably a good idea to just head in the other direction all together if she is sharing a street with you.


1st appearance: New Avengers #8

Print run: 58K

EBay raw: copies $15 and up

EBay 9.8 copies: $200


Ebony Maw



This charming lad comes with a whole lotta problems for those he deems fit for his time. His strengths include magic and sorcery on a grand level. I am sure by now you have all seen the Infinity trailer. Well remember the weird looking cat motioning Dr Strange to be quiet well it looks like he has some type of needles in his dome?

Ah yes, that’s thanks to Ebony. In fact, this scene plays itself out beautifully in the panels in which you will see below. He also uses mind methods to influence Thane (son of Thanos), to turn against him in a very memorable story line. Safe to say if you see this guy at a bar, steer clear.

First appearance: Same as Proxima Midnight – New Avengers 8


Black Dwarf



This beast is a tough SOB. He the muscle of the bunch, and with good reason. This choir boy has unbreakable skin, along with super strength. Also, keeping it in the family he is the brother of Corvus Glaive. See the resemblance?

His claim to fame was when Thanos sent him to Wakanda he met resistance and was forced to retreat. Thanos was not a fan of this causing him to give him one more chance to prove himself by protecting The Peak from the Avengers. He got into a nasty fight with Ronan, and well, had some issues…


1st appearance: Yep, same as the previous two mentioned – New Avengers 8


*One quick note, within the comic world of the Black Order there is a additional member of the team named Supergiant. She uses a telepathy as a parasite to seek out intellect and destroy it. She is NOT in the upcoming Infinity War movie, but nevertheless should be mentioned…



The Black Order could not have done this on their own. They do have their own minions deemed The Outriders. Oh hell, I will let good ole Corvus Glaive describe his little buddies:

Outriders are not born, they are made. A genetically engineered parasite-assassin solely devoted to the whims of its maker. These creatures have no names, just a binary existence defined by whether they complete the task given to them, or whether they fail.”

Thanos used them to find new planets inhabited by weak species. If they would not pay a Tribute, the planet would be annihilated. Consider them the worker bees, only meaner.



Finally, let’s look at some key issues that this group is involved in throughout the Marvel Universe:

  • New Avengers # 8 2013: 1st appearance of all except Corvus
  • New Avengers # 9 2013: 1st appearance on the cover
  • New Avengers #10 2013: 1st appearance of Thane (Thanos Son)
  • Infinity Free Comic Book Day 2013: 1st appearance of Corvus Glaive
  • Infinity # 1 2013: 1st appearance united as a team and named Black Order
  • Infinity # 1 2013 1st appearance of The Outriders


Well that’s all for this week. I hope you could take something away from it. How these characters will be taken to in the upcoming Infinity War film is still unknown. If I had to bet, one of them will break out and become more of a household name. I am in no way comparing them to GOTG, however before the 1st film no one outside of comics knew Groot. He is a tree for God’s sake! Yet, now is known all over the world.

Will this happen with a member of the Black Order? That remains to be seen with a lower probability. My money is on Ebony Maw, and now you have his 1st appearance for those unaware. Perhaps worth a look for the ole short box. A 9.8? Good luck with that purple cover, those are a lot tougher to come by.


Talk soon,


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