5 Boxes Today

Today was comic overload!

Ok not really.  It would take a lot to be in overload.  I received comics from across the country from various retailers.  Sellers from CGC forums, eBay, Facebook and business web sites all contributed to my habit.

I took pictures of each group instead of one large picture since there were so many.

First off…

From eBay, the first appearance of Hope Pym in A-Next #7.  People have really jacked up the prices on this one.  I guess the casting of Evangeline Lilly as Hope Pym in the upcoming Ant-Man movie has everyone going crazy.


From the CGC Forums, I landed the first full Starhawk appearance and the first appearance of Pip the Troll.


From Midtown Comics, I was able to pick up the Ant-Man shrinking variant.  All the local shops passed on it.  They said the ordering requirements were too high.  Each one is individually numbered.  The highest I have seen so far is  10,787 and the lowest is 27.   UPDATE: A #23 has popped up on eBay! These are freaking awesome.

I also grabbed some Skottie Young variants, the missing Ms. Marvel issues, and a couple of GI Joe variants that didn’t make the picture.  DSC01051

Probably one of my favorites of today’s fun, Heroes and Fantasies Store Exclusive Star Wars #1 Color and Black & White variants.  A really nice homage to Amazing Spider-Man #129DSC01052

A huge box from eBay.

Strange Tales upgrades

Submariner #19 (First Stingray) Check out the latest Avengers World for him.

Jungle Action with Black Panther

First volume What If?  (I love this series)

Spectacular Spider-Man #17 (X-Men appear)

Marvel Feature#12 (Thanos appears)

Marvel Feature#1,2,3 (First appearance of Defenders)

Star Wars #63

Marvel Premiere #18, 21 (First Misty Knight)

Marvel Spotlight #7 (3rd Ghost Rider)

Some more missing Silver Age X-Men

Tales of Suspense #59 (First Jarvis)

Marvel Two-In-One (Dr. Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy)

Marvel Team-Up (Cat, Inhumans, Beast)

A slew of Ms. Marvel volume 1 including the first appearance of Deathbird.

DSC01053I can’t wait to see what the mailman brings me tomorrow!