5: CBSI Writer Wars Round 1 : QVC Shopping Network Signed Amazing Spider-Man 300 by Mark K




In 1988 Marvel Comics released Amazing Spider-Man 300 and inside it was the first full length story featuring Venom, who would soon become an iconic Anti-Hero and fan favorite. Shortly after the book was released QVC The Home Shopping Network offered the book for sale on its channel with signatures by Todd McFarlane (artist), David Michelinie (writer), Jim Salicrup (editor) and Tom DeFalco (editor-in-chief).

Unlike the signed books of today where the signatures are on the cover it was common in those days of the hobby for members of the creative team to sign the book on the splash page and to use a regular ink pen. The QVC books are original in the fact that they have four signatures from people associated with the book from that era on the splash page in ink pen.


History Of Finding The Book

One of my friends actually found this book in the wild at our LCS back in 1990. The shop owner was asking a firm $50 for it, which back in those days was a lot of money for a modern book. Even though the book was only two years old at that time it was still considered a “Hot Book” and the value was slowly rising.


Unknown Copies Still In The Wild

This is one of those books that I honestly feel that you can still find in the wild and a lot of people might not actually know what they have. Being that it is uncommon these days for creators to sign books on the splash page anymore there’s probably a good chance that you can find these books for a decent price because some sellers might overlook the signatures since they aren’t on the cover and in marker.


Happy Hunting!!

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