50 Is The Magic Number For Darkhawk, Ms. Marvel



Ah, Darkhawk. The Marvel character certainly has his fans…and his detractors. While collectors (and speculators) hoard copies of his first appearance in Darkhawk #1 in hopes he will appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there’s another issue that’s far rarer and valuable. The last one in his first series, Issue #50. (Marvel did continue the legacy numbering when the 51st issue was published in January 2018.)

The book written by Danny Fingeroth, with art by Tod Smith and cover by Ian Aken was published April 1995. There are no first appearances in the issue.

During the age of overprinted books in the 1990’s, Darkhawk #50 had sales of 14,300 copies according to Comichron. The issue typically sells raw in the $30 range for the highest grades. While I’ve never seen a newsstand copy of the book, it is conceivable that ones do exist; however, there are currently 28 copies in the census, 10 of which are 9.8s. A 9.8 sold for $180 Nov. 2018.

If, and that’s a longshot, the character appears in a film, the market could skyrocket for the book. However, right now the comic offers a nice reward if you find it in a dollar bin. I’d advise you also grab issue #49, which is too a low printed book and highly desirable.



Another last issue that hold relevance to a MCU character is Ms. Marvel volume 2, #50. As Carol Danvers prepares her big screen debut, copies of her keys are sought after, highly collectable and profitable. However, the last issue of her second series often goes unnoticed.

The book, published April 2010, is written by Brian Reed with art by Sana Takeda, Ben Oliver and Michael Ryan. Comichron places sales at 25, 309 copies BUT there is a variant cover by Paul Renaud, which obviously lowers the totals for each cover.

Not many have submitted this issue for grading; the census shows four copies of the standard cover (three 9.8s) and six copies of the standard cover (three 9.8s). The only recorded sale of a 9.8 copy was August 2017 for $74.99.

The issue is the first appearance of Noh-Varr (formerly Marvel Boy) as Protector, who would go on to join the Avengers and Young Avengers (and date Kate Bishop!).

The market is still young for this book. With a low number of graded copies and a variant cover, it makes for a nice pickup if found it in the wild.


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