8 Confirmed Cast of Doctor Strange Movie

Doctor Strange is one of the most interesting character of the Marvel Comic book universe, who has not been touched at all by any media efficiently, except comic books, and Marvel understands the potential of this character. That is one of the reason, we are going to see the first Doctor Strange movie laden with big names of the Hollywood. The Ant-man movie was a sure shot bullseye; they kind of tested the waters for launching a full blown movie on a scarcely known character, and still made it hit, and they are going big this time with Doctor Strange. We haven’t seen many movies where the superheroes don their magic stick, and kick ass! Let’s have a look at the star-studded cast of Doctor Strange, and you guys will tell us in the comments what do you guys think about the cast?

1. Tilda Swinton – The Ancient One

Ancient One

2. Michael Stuhlbarg – Nicodemus West

Nicodemus West

3. Chiewtel Ejiofor – Baron Mordo

Baron Mordo

4. Rachel McAdams – Night Nurse (possibly)

Night Nurse

5. Amy Landecker – Clea (possibly)


6. Mads Mikkelsen – Undisclosed

Mads Mikkelsen

7. Scott Adkins – Undisclosed

Scott Adkins

8. Benedict Cumberbatch – Dr. Stephen Strange

Stephen Strange