A Fisherman’s Tale: And the winner is …

Clearly, I did not make this an interesting enough challenge. In my mind, I thought that this question would inspire debates similar to the Hulk 180/181 debate, but maybe I should have definitively come out and said my opinion on what is the best 50 issues. Under my parameters, it seems that few wanted to or could argue against the power of the X-men. Though we did have a few other entries lets look at the X-men run and why it is the best 50 issue run in comics.


The best 50 issue run for me is giant-size X-Men 1 to X-Men 94-143. From beginning to end it had new characters like storm, nightcrawler, colossus, and thunderbird. Death of a character (thunderbird). Updated old character(marvel girl becomes phoenix). New villains like the Emma frost and

the hellfire club and classic stories from the Phoenix sage to days of future past. Len Wein, Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum, and John Byrne as writers and artist. Even the covers are great.

This was the first comment given by wolvie822 our winner.


With everyone’s comments here, through Facebook, and MeWe, I would challenge the commenter to give me more. Though I knew why this run was getting so much love I wanted to know if you did. Here is wolvie822 response.


Giant-size 1 first nightcrawler, storm, colossus, thunderbird, wolverine joins – 94 begins new ongoing series – 95 death of thunderbird – 96 1st Moira Mactaggert – 97 1st Shi’ar empire – 99 1st black Tom Cassidy – 101 1st Phoenix – 105 1st star jammers – 107 1st imperial guard – 109 1st weapon alpha(vindicator) – 117 1st shadow king – 129 1st Kitty Pryde, Emma Frost, Hellfire Club – 130 1st Dazzler – 133 wolverine alone – 134 dark Phoenix – 137 death of phoenix – 138 classic cover – 141 & 142 days of future past. Plus great art and not one bad story in the entire run. Even the last issue 143 with Kitty Xmas story is good. Some will sell for over a thousand in nm but even the most of the ones I didn’t mention will sell for over a hundred in nm.


He rolled out several issues in the run some that don’t come to mind quickly but have great spec value now that Marvel has the X-men movie rights. I am following a few of the issues mentioned with a picture and fisherman knowledge.

Giant-Size X-Men 1 is any X-men collectors holy grail. It trumps X-men 1 for most people.


X-men 94 is what a series being brought back from the dead should look like. Before 94, X-men had just been reprinting its own issues, with slightly different covers. That’s, why 93 can be found for $10 and 94, will cost you hundreds.


95 -100 are all highly sought after and are the type of books you see collectors continue to buy looking to upgrade the quality. 98-100 have 30 cent variants that are hard to find.


101 is another highly sought book that survived two terrible interpretations to still demand top dollar.


105-107 have 35 cent variants that are hard to track down


120-121 are books with potential spec value because it is the first appearance of Alpha Flight. The book has been creeping up for a while, but there is still potential.


129 brings us Kitty Pride and Emma Frost. Collect! Collect! Collect! This is a book I see great potential in and though it can be hard to find cheap it is worth it to own a few copies.


130 if Disney/Hulu actually makes the Dazzler show, it could be a key to own. The creation of Dazzler is some interesting research for any of you think Marvel just recently began pandering to a potential audience. Check out the SyFy Article Dazzler was created to specifically reach Disco era movie. Marvel has always pandered to potential audiences.


141-142 has one of the classic storylines and one of the better X-men movies associated with it. Days of Future Past brought us one the most homaged x-men covers today.


I have been trying to put together this X-men run for a while. I could just buy an overpriced reader copy of 101 to complete my run, but I am determined to find one in the wild. I traded my entire Hughes run of Catwoman and Zatanna and a run of Winter Soldier Captain America, (in all a long box and short box of books for a 94). I bought a reader lot a few years back for $40 off eBay. It allowed me to start my run and now I have been adding to the set and improving on the reader copies over the past few years. 101 is my last one to complete the run, though I do need a complete 95, mines missing the last page, but it was a throw-in on a lot, so 101 is the priority.


Best 50 issue run Poll


The X-men run is great, but I want to see what else is out there, something that everyone might not know about. So I have one more book to give away for the best modern-era comic run. Let’s say the run had to start after 2000. So now there is a better chance for readers to crossover reboots to get a solid 50 issue run. I am also dropping a link to a poll with some of the different comic runs that were listed across the site, Facebook, and MeWe.


wolvie822 please email Admin@comicbookinvest.com with comic choice, your name, username and shipping address and we will get your prize shipped out ASAP.

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