A Fisherman’s Tale Extra: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

I like to tell stories about the books I own and why I collect them. A few years ago when I first started collecting, I was at my favorite bargain spot when I came across Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur number 1. I flipped through it and thought it looked interesting. At this time Marvel was doing a STEM cover push. There was an IronHeart and a Moon Girl cover I really liked. I was a teacher and was trying to find ways to encourage girls to focus on science and comics. I picked up the comic and decided I would support a comic book that focused on outsmarting the bad guys. And Dinosaurs!!!. Of course I didn’t share my comics with the students, I went to the library and recommended they get the trade for check out. Little did I know that the Moon Girl #1 I picked up was the Variant.



Last year I was blessed to have a little daughter and I decided to collect all the Moon Girl issues I could find, because she is one of the few female characters which hasn’t become oversexualized. It is fun collecting something that is only at 40+ issues. I thought it would be easy to find all the variants, but the 2nd and 3rd issue variants are a little pricier than I thought. Paul Pope did issue 3 and he is one of my sneaky favorite cover artists ever since Batman year 100.



If you have been collecting for a few years then you might remember that Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur 19 is often credited with starting the store exclusive variants craze. One store reprinted a 1:25 ratio variant. Issue 19 was a low print run so that threw off the rarity.



In fact many of the Moon Girl issues are low print runs. Marvel has sneakily been dropping new characters in the book who could become important.


Kid Kree Issue 7

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Luna Girl Issue 19


Omnipotentis Issue 28

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Princess Fisk Issue 32


Devin Dinosaur Issue 34


Bad Dream and Cloud Chimera Issue 38


Pink Goblin Issue 42


Some of these new characters feel like ridiculous spec, but so was Rocket Racoon and Groot. Since she is going to be made into a cartoon, will she become a comic character my daughter will think back on fondly, the same way I think back on X-men, Batman Adventures and Spider-man cartoons.

Some cool covers from the run.



Now the two main keys you need if you want first appearances are Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur 1 and Devil Dinosaur 1. I was finally able to find a copy of Devil Dinosaur 1 in the wild a week before the official news broke.


Till next dig,

A Fisherman’s Tale


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