A Giant Man-Thing & More!

Sorry brothers and sisters but trying to keep up with all the comic announcements sometimes makes me feel like this and I am dude that is full of love for comics!

I don’t even know what B-Luv is saying here but it doesn’t look very loving.  Instead of trying to keep up with the Joneses just realize ya ain’t gonna find that Dark Crystal Super Special, or an immortal Hulk 2 in the bins.  Instead try these and keep your cool!



Detective Comics 575

First appearance of Rachel Caspian

If you like to speculate and I don’t mean your run of the mill, easy goin’ speculation then give me a minute to sell you on this one.  Thanks to a legendary cover you should already have it but in case you don’t Rachel Caspian could be the “She” Tom King is referring to, not Andrea Beaumont.

Hear me out….

First off the Reaper was the inspiration for the Phantasm.

NOTE:  Here’s a cool fact about Phantasm.  She was never actually named that in the film!

               Which leads to this

Batman Full Circle

First Rachel as The Reaper

In this one-shot the Reaper is revealed to be the daughter of the man Batman suspects.  Oh and Bruce loves her.  Sound familiar?  The makers of the Phantasm film clearly owe a lot to this comic.


I am not saying Tom King will do this but it would make for am interesting twist while maintaining some of the character’s origin.  I don’t know if King has confirmed Andrea but to date I have seen nothing.



Batman Detective Comics Annual 2

First appearance of the Reaper post Flashpoint ( Julian Caspian )

This one puts the Reaper’s family ties back into the modern DCU.  Though Rachel does not appear we learn a great deal about the current state of the Reaper.  I think this might also be the first appearance of the Red Casebook!


Looking for more Phantasm comics.  She doesn’t appear in many but here’s one you might not know about,


Disney Adventures Magazine January 1994 ( Unconfirmed )

Powers Bureau 8

Advertisement for United States of murder Inc.

This appears to be the earliest ad or image for the series.



And my cover pic of the week

Man-Thing Deodato 1:25 issue 2

So we’ve got a Man-Thing show coming too.  See what I mean, ya can never keep up.  Let everyone else chase his first appearance, instead I went looking for the best Man-Thing variant.  Personally I think this one qualifies.

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