A LOW Raised High And All In Between

You can tell in a few seconds whether or not any given comic is a world you want to spend time in.”

Greg Tocchini

A LOW Raised High And All In Between


Greetings from the desert fellow CBSI members. With the recent announcement of Rick Remender’s Last Days of American Crime hitting Netflix in the near future, it’s a great time and long overdue to visit the world of Gregorio Evandro Tocchini. We know him Greg Tocchini pronounced “toh-KEE-nee”, the artistic talent behind past titles such as the aforementioned.

In addition, his creations can be witnessed in a smorgasbord of mainstream comics in between including Thor and Captain America. Finally, within today’s marketplace we are privy to his brilliant artwork in LOW. We will dive into all of these books and much more throughout this piece giving a great look into his style and beliefs.


Some of Greg’s first work in 2003 was as a penciler for CrossGen Comics titles Meridian #32 and The First #27.

He continued to fine tune his pencil work in the mid 2000s on smaller independent titles such as The Forge and Route 666. As he started to make a name for himself, Marvel came a calling for his services. This work consisted of titles such as Thor: Son of Asgard, Captain America & The Falcon, & Marvel 1602: New World.


His first cover work came in mid 2006 on a Comic Shop News Issue # 973 featuring Ion. Now that’s a great trivia question huh? Not sure even Topher could have pulled that one out in a game without phoning a friend.

In 2007 the one shot Battlestar: Pegasus was Mr. Tocchini’s first cover work for a comic. This was followed by Red Sonja #29 Cover B. He was then given his first sequential run with Marvel’s The Odyssey.

Greg’s first collaboration with Rick Remender occurred in 2009 with The Last Days of American Crime. He is responsible for the pencils, inks, and covers. The story is an interesting one. The American government plans to broadcast a signal that will affect the population’s brains in such a way that it will prevent all its citizens from committing any crimes – and the last great heist of America is about to take place.


Tocchini adds:

It’s a crime history, ‘All kinds of crimes, all pages have crimes happening. All the characters are bad guys, thieves and assassins. There is no good guy or hero. All scenes are strong, and you never know how it will end, or even if somebody will die.”


Here is a good look at Greg’s unique style including the pencils and inks.


Greg speaks to the style:

First of all, I could escape from the traditional way [of illustrating]: pencil, inks and color, Instead, I could use watercolor to do the finals. This can open a new palette of hues, and the final picture will look like an animation scene. I could use the colors to fill all spaces and compositions and take off all that hatching I used to have in my art.”



With the confidence gained on this series, Greg’s career continued in an upwards trend with both Marvel and DC titles including pencils and cover work. Titles in included Captain America, Batman and Robin, Uncanny X-Force, and finally Wolverine & Deadpool.

It was in August of 2014 that the series LOW hit the marketplace to immediate critical acclaim once again working with Rick Remender. Here is a synopsis for those of you unfamiliar with this world: The story follows Stel and her two daughters who have been separated during an attack many years ago. They all live at the bottom of the ocean, as do all humans, trying to protect themselves from the ever-expanding sun. This is many millions of years in the future, and mankind has moved down there while they seek out probes to find new worlds to inhabit.


Here is Remender speaking about Mr. Tocchini’s art and their relationship:

Well Greg and I, we’ve established a strange working relationship. We started working together in 2008, 2009 on The Last Days of American Crime, and as we have progressed working together over the past seven years, we’ve kind of come in … he doesn’t speak English, he speaks Portuguese, and so we can’t get on the phone or Skype.

Oftentimes, what Greg designs is – the helmsuit, for example, became this amazing, huge part of the story and that was a lot because of the designs that he was turning in for what initially was just an aquatic suit. When I recognized that this one design he had done was so special, then that kind of struck me as, “Wow. The helmsuit is special. What if there’s only one of them? So as the story kind of develops, we bounce these things back and forth, and it has a very fun and organic and collaborative methodology that ends up in something that is equal parts both of us.


Let’s take a look at a few covers from this remarkable run up to this point:


Tocchini eschews hard angles and straight lines in favor of a flowing, curvy line that gives the book’s post-apocalyptic undersea setting a life of its own. Accompanied by a rich and varied color palette and an aesthetic that’s genuinely fresh and unique. Here are some panels for consumption…


Now that is art we don’t see everyday with the comics world right? Perhaps for some it’s not their cup of tea, but no doubt it needs to be appreciated for its beauty.

In present day LOW has completed its 19th issue and shows no signs of slowing down. I highly suggest picking up a TPB and entrench yourself within this unearthly world! Greg Tocchini is a talent that has not had his proper time in the limelight. He truly has a uniqueness that immediately separates his work from other artists. The great piece of this includes its not just cover work, but the entire guts within a book from start to finish. Time will tell how how much popularity he will continue to attract.

I trust you learned something from this and gained some insight into another true gem within the comic world. Always reach out with comments or questions!

Talk soon,






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