Baby07240748Back in 1976, my dad started taking me with him to my grandmother’s house for help doing yard work on Saturdays.  My grandmother was a widower and counted on my dad for house repairs and lawn maintenance.

As a reward for helping, he took me to a nearby Book Exchange store and bought my first comic book.  The Book Exchange became a Saturday tradition.  Sometimes dad would allow me to get a couple of books.  Avengers and Captain America were my favorites during those early years.

My collection grew weekly.  My reading started expanding into the X-Men and What If?.  Rarely did I ever venture into the DC Universe.

In later years, my collecting habits began to reflect my income as a full-time employed “adult.”  Jimmy Buffett once said “You have to grow older, but you don’t have to grow up.”  With more available cash, I slowly filled in the gaps to my collection.  Older issues that I always wanted, but could not afford.  I also started traveling to major conventions.

Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC clearly ranks as my favorite comic convention.  Granted, I have not been to San Diego for Comic-Con or New York’s Comic Con.  But I have been to Dragon Con and others.

I am still collecting today.  My dad instilled in me a love of reading through comic books. He passed away suddenly in May of 2014.   Each time I read a book today, I think of him.

As I fill each long box with a new paper treasure, I know he is smiling.