Action Comics #1000

Haven’t done one of these in a while, but I’m an anniversary issue freak and it doesn’t get more anniversarey than #1000, does it? (Might do another one for AMAZING #800, if only to see how many Dell’Otto pieces retailers are ready to dig up.) As always, I will be focusing on the store exclusives, as the official variants are easy to find.

For Action Comics #1000, the challenge is to try to make Superman interesting … I mean, if I ask for a badass Batman cover, you already thought of at least 5, hell, you probably have your own top 10. When it comes to Superman, it gets a bit more difficult, doesn’t it? At least it feels like that to me. Don’t get me wrong, there are quite a few legendary Superman covers, but I don’t know if it’s the costume design or what, but it’s hard to make Superman look badass. And if you’re thinking “It’s Superman, he doesn’t need to be a badass“, I would have to agree. Let me know below what your favorite Superman covers are and if you convince me I will write an article on them, promise!

Anyway, plenty of talent worked on these, results are a mixed bag:


Kaare Andrews

Third Eye Comics

Dave Dorman

Vault Collectibles

Tony Daniel

The Uncanny Comic Shop

Patrick Gleason

Newbury Comics

Francesco Mattina

The Comic Mint

Olivier Coipel

Midtown Comics


Forbidden Planet

Gabriele Dell’Otto

Bulletproof Comics

Jason Fabok

Yesteryear Comics



Buy Me Toys

Nicola Scott

Kings Comics

George Perez

Summit Comics & Games


Felipe Massafera

The Comic Mint

Tyler Kirkham

Unknown Comics

Dan Jurgens & Kevin Nowlan

Dynamic Forces

Curt Swan

Dynamic Forces

Jim Lee

Tour Edition

Jim Lee Foil Variant

Sent by DC to press

As always, if I forgot any let me know in the comments section!!!

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