After Action Report August 19, 2018

 August 19, 2018

Welcome back to another rundown of the CBSI week.

My favorite action of the week is the return of the CBSI New Pick Ups and PC Show Off section over on G+.

Go Join, Leave Comments, and Post some Pick Ups.

Here is a link if you aren’t already a member

That being said, here is my run-down for the week in CBSI….

Josias Ocampo pointed us to an article that pointed out that Donny Cates will be writing “Web of Venom: Carnage Born #1”.

Look for it this November.

Rejected seemed to be the biggie for the week, although I believe it is trade sized.

There were a couple sick Con variants (limited to 100?!)

These may be worth digging out of the woodwork.

I like this one. (Thanks to Chris Schultz)

J Scott Campbell is doing covers for the X-Men Black One-shots. One releases each week starting October 3rd.

Here are the covers

Don’t miss out on the Hot 10 Breakdown by ComicTom and Russ Bright.

Also get in on their Raffle.

Covering The Spread is qiuckly becoming a staple destination for comic investing. Check it out for an awesome breakdown on some Spidey and Carnage Books

The Usual Suspects gives us a great breakdown of the Top 5 books on the Top 100 Variant List from a few years ago.

Do Not Miss This!

Okay! Let’s wrap this week up!

Here’s my pick of for the week!

 See if you can nab one!

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