After Action Report August12, 2018

 August 12, 2018

Welcome back, seemed to be a light week. Must be the fallout after SDCC panels spitout it’s news and speculation tidbits. 

First up, be sure to check out Keith’s Variant Heat Check.

Topher dug out 29 1st Appearance books for you to pick up if you need more free cornbread. 

Thanks to Topher and leave him a comment or 2.

The CW has cast Ruby Rose as Batwoman. She will 1st appear during the annual crossover event in December. Also Greg Berlanti has signed a contract thru 2024 with Warner Brothers. Interestingly he has 14 live-actions shows and 2 animated shows right now. 

Steve Laprade wrote an awesome piece over on G+ about the science of UV light. Honestly, one of the better posts in a while.

Check it out here.

Looking for a great breakdown of Stein’s Hot 10. Thanks to ComicTom!

Check it out and give them some love.

Peter Renna killed it as always with a great breakdown of Silver Surfer Keys. I would love to see him tackle some variants with the same formulas.

Till next time!

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