After Action Report July 15, 2018

​ July 15th, 2018

First off, let’s take a look at the required reading from Ben S and Matt Devoe….

Always great content from those 2 guys!!

And here is 1 more of my favorite articles on any of our pages! Rock on Keith!

That being said, here is my run-down for the week in CBSI….

Thanks to Drew Lujan for giving everyone a chance to win this awesome In Hyuk Lee Variant by just reponding to Ben C with 1 question you would like to see as part of the CBSI Daily Poll over on the G+ Page. The contest ends today so make sure you get over and try to be one of the 5 winners chosen. 

Here is a link to get there

Robert Kirkman and Skybound pulled the comic equivalent of launching a Tesla into orbit by the surprise release of DIE!DIE!DIE!

Take it for what it is worth and think before you buy! There are multiple variations….

I liked the idea, not the spec….

Personally, I think this is a terrible investment that will land in the same longboxes as FCBD and Halloween Comicfest stuff!

No Crush Lobo in Titans #23, I say again NO CRUSH….

Stick to The Teen Titans Special and Teen Titans #20….(Argue over 1st Full/Cameo!!) 

Thanks Big Legg!

Todd McFarlane posted to Social Media that Jeremy Renner will be playing Twitch in the upcoming Spawn movie.

Spawn #1 would be his 1st Appearance.

Thanks to Kent L over on the G+ group for giving us the heads up!

Need a Complete SDCC 2018 Exclusives Checklist (w/Pics)

Will Brogden has the hookup, here is a link!!

Thanks to Will for the time and energy putting this together.

Clint Joslin let us know over in the G+ group that Margot Robbie confirmed in an interview with Flickering Myth that Birds Of Prey would be R-rated and production was slated to start in January. Check out the discussion.

  This might be worth trying to dig for and be ready to list on the next round of news…

As reported by Kent L over on the G+ pages, the full cast for Y: The Last Man has been revealed as Barry Keoghan as Yorick, Imogen Poots as Hero, Diane Lane as Senator Brown, Lashana Lynch as Agent 355.

Issue #1’s should get some love

Studio 8 made a deal with Rob Liefeld for movie rights to Prophet.

Thanks to Johhny R over on G+ again. If you aren’t a member you should be.

Dan Piercy reviewed a few books he is reading. Go check it Out and drop Dan a few comments….

Okay! Let’s wrap this week up!

Here’s my pick of winners for the week!

Yup! Just 1.

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