After Action Report July 29, 2018

 July 29th, 2018

As always, Ben and Matt give us the best two comic related pieces of content available. Go check them out and don’t forget to get in on the discussions in the comment section…

Now let’s get on with the week.

Deadly Class Trailer was released. Check out the discussion over on G+. (Thanks for the head’s up to Josias)

Looks great and the books should continue to sell consistently.

Go over and check out Keith’s killer article, Variant Heat Check. Another Edge of Spider-verse is heating up.  

Marvel announced Uncanny X-men series will return in November. probably not much spec wise but a must have in my pull.

Johnny R let us know that The Old Guard is being directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood. 

Thanks to Jimmy for the head’s up on the Ashcan for The Last Days of American Crime, which was given out prior to issue #1. I’m not one to go after Ashcans as first appearances but I’m not going to try and pursuade people into my collecting or speculating style. Nor will I get butt hurt about it. Do what you want and as you like….

Anyways it appears that Rick Remender announced the series is in development by Netflix.

Here is a link to Jimmy’s post on G+

Runaways will make its broadcast TV premiere on Disney owned channel Freeform (previously, ABC Family). Currently you can catch season 1 on HULU. Thanks to Mike J.

Peter Renna gave us the article of the week. Make sure you check it out and give him some Props.

Perhaps the biggest news of the week, in my opinion, is 20th Century Fox shareholders approved the purchase by Disney. Thanks to Kent L.

Gor seems to be the Cates Character of the Week. Lots of good discussion going on about it. I would just cover your bases and pick up any of the mentioned books if you can find them in the wild. Probably not wise to get them online as prices are probably ballooning.

Here is a good start… Venom #3 (Reg, Cover B, SDCC), Thor: God of Thunder #2 (1st Print, 2nd Print, Acuna Variant), Thor: God of Thunder #6.

That should cover you as the debates rage on. 

If anyone has a copy of The 2014 Marvel Encyclopedia, let us know what it says in the comments below. 

Another Speculator App made it’s appearance this week. This time from Covrprice (Inigo,Matt,John). Love seeing tools built from within the community. You can check them out and don’t be afraid to use more than one. 

With that being said, also be sure to check out Comic Collateral’s app (Scott Robertson) as well. 

They both have some tools that overlap but also have some niche functions.



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