After Action Report July 5

Well troops, we had another round of controversy this week with the lead-up and release of Batman #50. It is what it is, welcome to comics! Skot Whitman gave us a great article on the debacle. Yep, Here is a link!

Firstly let us take care of the necessities for all of us interested in the secondary markets of comics:

New Top 10


Weekend after Wednesday

RIP Steve


 Here’s my CBSI recap for the week in no particular order:


  • Keith S revealed his hand with his Heat Check article. Check it out Here!!! But here is what he stacked the deck with.



  • Adam L pointed out the releases that might be worth buying on the Wednesday One. His full article can be found right here. Always on point.



  • Writer Clint Joslin peeled back the skin of the onion and dove into the state of comics as it relates to brick and mortars. Definitely worth a read.  


  • As reported by Joseph Zdryski in the G+ group, CGC hasn’t named Marvel Rising #0 as the 1st Appearance of Ember Quad, so tread carefully and do your research if you think the character warrants investment. Currently, raws can be had for $2.99 on eBay.


  • Showtime taking on live-action Halo Series. Thanks to Daz on G+ group for pointing out the Marvel Graphic Novel from July 2006. Readily available on eBay, as cheap copies are starting to dry up. Be aware there are reprints from 2008, so check your goods.



  • Hivemind acquired the rights to Gideon Falls and sounds like the current plan is a series of hour-long horror drama. Hivemind is probably best known for The Expanse series.The outlook is good as it will co produce with Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino. The Lemire Comicspro Variant is the winner as of now, followed by the Virgin Variant of the Regular Cover.


  • Topher broke my brain with his True Firsts, as always……speculation at 30,000 ft. Beast Mode right here!


  • A day after closing a one billion dollar revolving credit deal with J.P. Morgan, Legendary Entertainment acquired film rights to Animosity from AfterShock Comics with Aftershock’s President and CEO in charge of production. The brotherhood must have taken the news well, as most variants are doing really well. Same goes for the 1st Print Cover A.


  • Much to the dismay of Mel, Faith is in development over at Sony, with Maria Melnik penning the script. Might make Harbinger 1 move, but as Jack DeMayo pointed out, the #1’s from both of her solo series might see some movement, namely the Gold Give-aways.



  • G+ member Josias Ocampo pointed out that the Spider-Man Noir character will reportedly be voiced by Nicholas Cage in the animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Rumors are also that Spider-Ham will appear.



  • My picks for winners of the week are:

Death of the Inhumans Variants

Catwoman #1 Joelle Jones SDCC Foil

Nightwing #46 Variant

Star Wars The Last Jedi #4 Reis Variant


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