After Action Report September 3, 2018

 September 3, 2018

I Hope that everyone is having a safe and fun-filled Labor Day weekend. It has been pretty quite on the comic front.

If you are planning on attending Baltimore Comic Con this year, touch base with Scott R if you are interested in a CBSI Baltimore Comic Con T-Shirt. Be easily spotted by fellow CBSI Members. Shirts are $10 and 2 XL and up are $12. Shipping is $5, or pick up at the con. Also, try to make it to the meet-up Friday Evening after the Con. 

Clint Joslin Posted a superb breakdown of the Venom: Space Knight Series that included important panels, print runs, variant covers and notable appearances.

Get ahead of the Venom Speculation Game and check it out!

A list for you from Clint’s Article:

VSK #1 – 1st Appearances

Robot 803 


VSK #2 – 1st Appearances

Tarna (Symbiote Form) 


VSK #3 – 1st Appearances


Pik Rollo (Cameo)

VSK #4 – 1st Appearance

Pik Rollo (1st Full)

VSK #5 – 1st Appearance

Venomized Mercurio

VSK #7 – 1st Appearance

Tarna (Non-Symbiote Form)

VSK #9 – 1st Appearance

Venomized Harrison Thompson

VSK #12 – 1st Appearances


Happy Hunting!!

Peter Renna gave us the Darkseid breakdown and market analysis, book-wise. Great article as always.

Here is my Pick O’ the Week.

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