After the Endgame

Hello there comic book investors and anyone who clicked on this article by mistake, welcome back to Covering The Spread!  Before you go any farther, this is your one and only spoiler warning!  I will be avoiding essential plot details but if you don’t want to know anything please don’t read this article.

This week I have some wild theories about what’s next for the MCU (Sometimes those pan out) and in this post Endgame world I’ll tell you what the hottest graded book in the world is (the answer will surprise you!)

Theory #1

At the end of Endgame we see Thor leaving New Asgard to Valkyrie and leaving with the Guardians of the Galaxy.  He calls this new group the “Asgardians of the Galaxy” which may just be a throwaway joke but it could be a clue.  If you weren’t aware Asgardians of the Galaxy is a team just recently formed in the comic books tying in to the War of the Realms storyline.  The team is largely comprised of characters that we’ve already seen in the MCU, Valkyrie (Not the MCU version though), The Executioner (Deceased), and The Destroyer (Probably all destroyed?).  There are also a few characters that we haven’t seen yet.

First is Puddlegulg, aka Throg, Frog of Thunder.  This is an absolutely ridiculous character, and it does seem like the kind of thing James Gunn would want to do.  I don’t think Disney is onboard with that though.

Next is Thunderstrike.  If you aren’t familiar this is another character who took up the mantle of Thor for a time.  This is also a character I don’t think we’ll be seeing just yet.  Chris Hemsworth seems to be having fun with the role of Thor right now, and I don’t think they want two Thors on screen together.  Plus Taika Waititi just injected some fresh life into the Thor franchise so I don’t think Marvel will want to change any part of that formula.

That brings us to the biggest member of the team.  This is the one I think has a chance of showing up in the MCU:


Spawn 9

Yes, the character I’m guessing will show up is Angela.  Strangely enough this Marvel character made her first appearance in Todd McFarlane’s Spawn.  This is a book that has fallen from previous heights but I think it has a lot going for it right now.  For one, it’s a Spawn key.  With the Spawn movie due to arrive soon I think we will see a big increase in demand for Spawn books.  For two, Marvel has really been pushing Angela in the comics recently, and we know that they are prone to foreshadowing what will happen in the movies in the comics.  Plus there is a lot of speculation that Marvel will be working towards an all female A-Force film, and Angela has been on that team.  Perhaps Marvel will be introducing her in GotG 3 and she’ll be making her way to earth.

The Numbers


Average Raw Price 7.86
10 Copies 78.61
Shipping Fees (EST) 100
Grading Fees (EST) 180
Selling Fees 41
Total Costs 399.61


9.8 Av Price 9.6 Av Price 9.4 Av Price 9.2  Price
76 41 27 27
2 Copies 3 Copies 4 Copies 1 Copy Total Value
152 123 108 27 410

Well unfortunately the numbers aren’t great right now.  We are looking at an upfront investment of $356.61 and profits of $10.38.  I guess that’s something…  Anyway, that is obviously not a great ROI or a good spread.  I think seeing 9.8 graded copies going well under $100 means that’s a great spot to park your money, but either graded or raw copies are a good investment right now.  Plus, those newsstand copies go for much more money and a lot of people don’t realize it, so keep an eye out!


Marvel Special Edition 15

Shang-Chi is a character I am very excited about.  We already know this movie is coming, but I think a lot of people aren’t sure how to feel about it.  I think Marvel will put a lot of effort into making this a success.  This will be one of the least expensive movies for them to produce because it probably won’t require a big budget for CGI.  That means even if it only does okay at the box office it will still be successful.  I’ve heard this movie described as the Black Panther for Asian audiences.  Taking the character’s Chinese descent into account, I think it’s pretty much a given that this character will be a success oversees.  That’s a recipe for book prices increasing as well.

The Numbers

Well this isn’t a book that I expect to see a lot of high grade raw copies for.  In fact, I can’t find any completed sales, or any currently listed on eBay.  But we have plenty of sales for graded copies to look at.


9.8 Av Price 9.6 Av Price 9.4 Av Price 9.2  Price
2382 987 606 436

The 9.8 price is already pretty high, but I’m surprised at the others.  A 9.6 copy of a book from 1973 is hard to come by and they aren’t even selling for a grand.  I expect that 9.6-9.2 copies will see about a 25% increase in price which is not a bad return at all.

The Hottest Slab on the Market

Okay earlier I promised that I would tell you what the best selling graded book in the world was now that Endgame has come out.  I also told you the answer would surprise you, so now is the last time to take your guesses.  Are you ready?


Shazam 1

Did you guess it?  Yes, as excited as everyone is about Avengers and the MCU right now this book is still the best selling Slab.  Part of that is because a lot of the books that people are buying up because of Avengers are all still raw.  Nonetheless Shazam has been a huge success for DC.  I think the public is very excited about the future of this character, and a sequel is all but guaranteed at this point.  That means this is a book that is perfect for investment.

The Numbers


Average Raw Price 67.21
10 Copies 672.13
Shipping Fees (EST) 100
Grading Fees (EST) 342
Pressing Fees (EST) 250
Selling Fees 288.9
Total Costs 1653.02


9.8 Av Price 9.6 Av Price 9.4 Av Price 9.2  Price
926 284 192 151
1 Copies 3 Copies 5 Copies 1 Copy Total Value
926 852 960 151 2889

Okay so if you didn’t notice I’ve modified our usual numbers here.  I included pressing fees right away and I have shifted our expectations for what grade we will receive because of the age of this issue.  I’m expecting upfront costs of $1364.12 and profits of $1235.97.  That’s an awesome spread of +123.60 and an ROI of almost 91%!  And that is if you expect the majority of your books to come back as 9.4.  I think this is a fair target for this issue and those numbers are very exciting.

Wrap Up

Now’s the time when I ask what you all think.  Is Shang-Chi going to be the next big thing for Marvel?  Is Angela headed to the MCU?  Let me know down in the comments, I’ll see you all in a week!


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