Agent Venom, Silent Bob, Alex Ross and More!

Welcome back to the first post G+ True Firsts!  I must say I will miss that platform but a part of me is happy to see it go as the parasites from other groups slowly helped devolve the platform into something less fun.  Comic collecting should be fun, first and foremost.  Most of us are in this hobby to escape from the rigors of daily life. Best not to drag your agendas and negative venom into every arena.  So here’s to looking forwards to even better things for all of the readers who make this possible.  Hopefully the success of the industry continue to outweigh the negatives and CBSI continues to thrive.

Onto the pics, Enjoy!




CSN 186

Even pictures of this aren’t easy to find.  I know some thumb their noses at trade publications etc.  but as I have stated in the past a good cover is a good cover no matter what it is on.  And if it’s important and rare I just don’t see a valid argument against.

For years my preview grail has been to locate an image or appearance of Deadpool/NM 98 that predates NM 98.  This one has a pretty revealing interview with Rob Liefeld and actually has black and white cover art for NM 98, something I have never seen elsewhere. Before you go out thinking maybe an earlier issues does the same CSN does not, I have checked.  Deadpool diehards should want this.  Now,  does it predate NM 98?  Well that is a bit tricky. Undated it appears to and Rob talks about the upcoming villainy of Gideon but there is really no way to tell.  At this point I would say it predates the publication date for NM 98 but there is no way to know if it truly does.


Carnage USA 3

My initial post about this was met with some vitriol from some who mistakenly thought I was trying to present this book as the first Agent Venom.  That was clearly not the case.  But this book does predate Secret Avengers 23 by 1 week.  Not only that but Marvel clearly wanted this to be the big reveal even if it chronologically comes after SA 23.  There is nothing particularly  amazing about the appearance in SA 23 but the conclusion of this title is simply epic.  I will give credit where it is due though,  it was brought to my attention that this book is actually the first appearance of Agent Venom’s revamped costume!  That I did not know.




Portent 1

HBO apparently bought all the Stranger Comics properties not just Asunda.  This one is about as big a long shot as there is but they do seem to own the rights to Portent, a comic which was first published by Image some time ago.  Until details emerge it’s wait and see on properties not including Asunda.

NOTE:  Ya might not want to sleep on Vampire Hunter D either.



Marvel Age 130

First Alex Ross Hulk Cover

Immortal Hulk collectors are like moths to a flame.  I don’t begrudge them because the spec is story driven, a rarity these days.  But let’s be honest, the Ross covers help a lot and they are stunning.  If you are looking the Ross’s first Hulk cover look no further.



Manhunter 11

First appearance of Neron

So the villain on this season of Legends is Neron and he’s being played by Biff! If you ever get a chance to see Thomas Wilson’s stand up comedy I recommend it.


Impulse 27

first appearance of Jay and Silent bob

I am not sure why we need a reboot but it’s coming.  These two clown’s first appeared in a strange place.



Knights of the Old Republic 0 & Star Wars Tales 23

First appearance of Revan and Darth Malak

I mentioned these last year but some recent developments should get GOT fans excited as well as the SW lovers.  I am not sure why these two aren’t seeing the heat.  Let’s hoping that changes as the KOTOR fan base is about as passionate as any and the saga is generally accepted as some of the best Expanded/Legends Star Wars stuff ever produced.


Transformers G.I Joe 1

First time the two franchises Meet/first Superion

Who the hell is Superion?  Well no one really cares but how long before we get a Joe/Transformers film?  Eventually it is gonna happen folks. Here is the first time they meet and as far as I know there aren’t any MJ variants or Canadian Price Variants.  If there are please let me know in the comments.


Bloodshot Last Stand

No first here just one of the more rare Bloodshot books.  There aren’t many as Valiant once enjoyed massive print runs.  As time went on the number dropped, some severely. Everyone flocks to those last issues of Bloodshot but this one is often overlooked.


Meat Popsicle

First published cover/pro work for Jen Bartel

Are people still on the Bartel train?  Well if so here is her first and what a gem.



New Warriors 44

Paul Mezey photo of model Martrese Beck as Kymaera 

First appearance of Namorita as Ghost Shark


And for my cover pic of the week I am going with this awesome photo cover.


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