Alita, Clive Barker, Breaking Bad, Immortal Hulk and More!



I hope you all are ready for another week of insane comic pics!  As always there is no shortage of things developing in the comic world both on page and screen so I’m going to leave you with these observations and then you can enjoy the pics;

  1.  Black Panther did NOT deserve an Oscar nod.  Yea I said it.
  2. Watch Polar
  3. Read Polar
  4. Watch Valhalla Rising and the Hannibal TV show.
  5. In fact just go watch everything Mads has done.
  6. Deadly Class is good but Happy is a better show.
  7.  Nobody likes mediocre.
  8. If you are scooping up DC Primal Age toys and the soon to be rare Target exclusive comic don’t forget to try for the box.  Just walk it up to the counter and ask the youngest clerk you can find.  She will let you walk out with it.  Don’t just take it! That’s stealing.Oh and this one is currently my favorite
  9. True Detective is back on track.
  10. Apparently I missed a really important Big Barda book so I will rectify that but not in the way you think.

           On to this weeks books…


I find it kind of cool that The Immortal hulk references the oldest evil ever recorded by man, Angra Mainyu/Ahriman and clearly defines whoever the One Above All as a character of the same motivations and origins. Now I am not sure if Ewing means that the One is Angra so just in case here are the books that could be relevant;


Showcase 61

First Comic book appearance of Angra Mainyu 


 Thor & The Incredible Hercules, Encyclopedia Mythologica.

This is his first appearance and it’s in an invaluable Marvel resource containing a surprisingly large amount of firsts.


He was previously summoned by the sorceress Armati and forced to serve her as a large beast in…

Conan 1 ( 2000 )

This book is the first appearance of the name Angra Mainyu in Marvel and first in a physical form.

Giant Sized Conan 1

First appearance of the Heart of Ahriman and The Yazatas

It is unclear if the panel in question pictures any version of Angra.  Ahriman is the alternate name for Angra Mainyu.

There has been some talk that the One Below all is Bruce’s twin who may have died in utero. If Bruce did indeed absorb his twin and that twin is the embodiment of the evil Angra/Devil possesses,  then I hope his name is David. With all the talk of ” first born ” and choosing evil despite capacity for good it seems likely Bruce has an evil twin inside him.

Recently a former writer of CBSI mentioned The Devil Hulk who first appeared in issue Volume 2 issue 13.  I am not sure how the One Below All could actually be a suppressed personality without dealing with the character who has told Bruce that he is the embodiment of all Bruce’s anger and if released can easily do what Bruce has always been unable to do.  It’s a long shot but if the One is connected to him you might want to consider the few appearances he has had including issue 13

Thanks to +Jason Shaw for bringing the Thor Encyclopedia to my attention prior to the Angra Mainyu hunt! It’s kind if a must read.




Breaking Bad: All Bad Things

First appearance of the franchise in a comic

The Breaking Bad movie is going to be huge.  Let’s hope it’s not a let down like the X-Files movie was.  I doubt that will be the the case.  Collectors might not know there was a comic first for the show, a limited convention exclusive.

Heavy Metal October, 1979

As a huge fan of Lovcraftian horror discovering this magazine which adapts work by the literary master was a revelation.  Every fan should own this publication.



Shriek 13

First appearance of HP Lovecraft

but Lovecraft didn’t make his first comic appearance until this forgotten horror gem.  Shriek 1 is a small gold mine.  It’s who’s who of comic horror greats.  But it wasn’t Lovecraft who led me to it.  Instead it was Clive Barker who’s upcoming TV projects Nightbreed and the anthology series Books of Blood  are still moving forward and have recent developments.

Not only is issue one a must own for Kevin Eastman fans but it contains Clive’s first real pinup and back cover art. Clive does some artwork in issues 2 and 3 as well. This was reprinted in Graphic Classics which is also rare.

Issues 2 and 3 also contain work by Clive and a host of other favorites.

NOTE:  Clive did work in some other publications like Arcane Comix 2 ( illustrated essay ), Heartbreak Hotel 4 ( UK magazine with illustrations ) and Taboo ( intro essay ).


Tapping the Vein 1,1b ( Green Foil )

First pro comic work for Clive Barker

Taping the Vein 1-5 – These are pretty easy to find, even the foil variant for issue 1. The trade and HC by Checker not so much. Because we are getting a Books of Blood anthology show with new and old adaptations of stuff like Rawhide Rex these are worth a look as they adapt stories from the book. I don’t believe Clive actually wrote anything in the Hellraiser comic so Tapping the Vein may be his first published comic work.

There will be more on Clive next week.


Myths and Legends 1 Exclusive Blue Diamond

First cover and pro work for Jaime Tyndall

What ever you think about the story White Widow is hot.  This rare comic is the first for Mr. Tyndall and it is not easy to find.



Ashen Victor 1, TPB

People trying to find early Alita books are going to be disappointing because Volume 1 by Viz is seeing huge sales.  The first appearance from Business Jump is a ghost and many other foreign issues are also impossible to find. Here are a couple that might be worth looking for.

If the movie is a hit I suspect Motorball will be one of the more popular things to come out of the film.  Ashen Victor is a sort of prequel to Alita.  It deals with a different aspect of the world Alita would later exist in and focuses on the sport of Motorball.  The trade is quite rare.

  NOTE:  Ashen’s first appearance was in the Seinen Japanese Manga anthology series, Ultra Jump beginning in September 1995



Animerica October 1993

Here is another early Alita Magazine cover which is also very difficult to find.  I believe the art was from an appearance in one of the Jump publications.


Deadpooh 1.2 Nude Milk Variant

There are no first appearances here and in truth this book really has no place in my article but it is awesome and recent sales are very, very high.  Deadpooh comics sell, that is a fact.  There is a passionate market for these books so if you see them out there and you can get them cheap do it.

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