All aboard! To key central station!

I guess the theme here is late 70’s (slash!) early 80’s Marvel Divas!

1978. We’re introduced to Mystique in Ms Marvel 16-18.

Did you know?

Marvel wanted the shape-shifting Mytique to be the biological father of Nightcrawler, but at the time, the Comics Code Authority prohibited characters being explicitly portrayed gay or bisexual.

1980. The X-Men bring us Dazzler!

Another, did you know?

Dazzler was created from an agreement with Marvel and Casablanca Records where Marvel was to create a singing superhero and Casablanca would sign a singer. The plan was for Filmworks to then produce a tie-in movie. Too bad that fell through. But, as least we got Dazzler from it!  

1981. From the pages of Daredevil, Elektra!

Frank Miller really knocked it out of the park with the creation of this character! Off to an early start side-tracking! … Frank Miller’s first published work? The Twilight Zone #84 from 1978. Twilight Zone new series? Yes! The first season is scheduled for 10 episodes and will be on CBS. Filming for the new series began in October of last year and should wrap up in March. Speaking of CBS, they are currently in development with Secret Six from DC Comics. Only a pilot is green lit at this point, so don’t go breaking the bank on Secret Six investing just yet! Speaking of pilots, here are other shows green it for one: Bewitched, Y: The Last Man, Game of Throne Prequel. Would we call this rabbit hole hopping? Why, yes. Yes, we would!

More first appearances!

Marvel Holiday Special. #1. 1994.

I saw this selling and that’s all it took for my curiosity to peak!

Lo and behold! 2 characters debut in here!

Metoxo The Lava Man!

Starts off as a bad guy but winds up being good.


A sentient being that Eternity created.


#138, Vol 2, 1998. 1st Black Flash, or as I like to call him, Death Flash!

Who is The Black Flash? He is Death for super-speedsters, sending them back to the Speed Force, the origin of their speed. Makes me think of, “Use the force, Luke!”

The last page cameo from #138 is below. #139 and #140 are also cameos. #141 is first full.

Another Turtle?

Tales of the TMNT #32 from 2007.

Looks like about 2,500 of these were printed. Not a whole lot for a book that, if I’m correct, contains the first appearance of a turtle!

Note: There is a variant cover that was printed (only 500) for the Wayne Center for the Arts in Ohio. If you own one, you are my hero!

Storyline: The Wild West C.O.W.Boys of Moo Mesa and the TMNT meet in the Astral Plane where an ancient terrapin sorcerer battles Savanti over the possession of a powerful artifact called the Eye of Aga-Moo-Tou.

As far as I can tell, this is the Wild West Cowboys 2nd appearance. They first appear in #21 of this series.

Savanti, an enemy of the turtles, first appeared in TMNT V1 #8, 1986.

T’sou-T’An-Jin – An ancient terrapin mystic Turtle sorcerer! This is his first appearance, from what I can see.

I wonder if there are any other turtles who have appeared over the years. Are there? I hope to find out!

Making the connection!

Snake Eyes! And Storm Shadow! Snake Eyes solo film in the works? Featuring Snake Eye and Storm Shadow? From the rumors online, yes! Casting and production are the planned for this year.

With that, I’m getting into the hype and looking for eye-appealing, not all that common, Snake Eyes-related books!

Here are some! Stumbled across these really cool Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow connecting covers from the Action Force UK series from late 80’s.

The randomness continues!

Stan Lee!

Contemporary Bio-Graphics, #1, 1991, by Revolutionary. Interesting how some of Stan’s covers are still hot, yet some never really heated up at all. This one is still around somewhat cheap compared to others.

Second Print!

Morbius the Living Vampire Vol 2, 2013, #1.

I like the Dell Otto cover but what made me a buyer is the intriguing idea that the blue 2nd print version has a really low print run. Many second printings had, what, a couple thousand printed, if that?

More Morbius!

The Living Vampire #32. Final issue in series. Flipping through it, I thought this Amulet looked cool. I tried to do a little digging on it…

Lena Ivana, who first appeared in #25 of this series, possesses the Amulet, referred to as the Amulet of Change. In issue #31, she changed into a bird when she wore it. The amulet senses danger for whoever wears it, and activates? Something like that. The image below is taken from this issue, #32, but it appeared in earlier issues.  

I also like the cover of #31, where it looks like Morbius either killed Santa, or turned him into a vampire!

But, I saw potential for this character, or the amulet, at least.

Akira!  #1, 1988. $3.95 Price Variant.

I’m reading it’s a Second Printing? But what’s strange is there is no reference to a second or later printing within the book.

Searching around, of the hundreds of copies available for purchase, less than a handful appear to be the $3.95 version, and none of them look to be in high grade. There’s no reference to this pricing difference in the listings, so it’s a bit of a picture-zooming scavenger hunt!

Can you imagine? What if? Akira #38 has a variant?

Preview time!

Miles! For those that dig previews, or those that are on the fence about them, this is the earliest image I have been able to find of Miles Morales in his Spiderman suit. It pre-Dates Ultimate Fallout 4 by 2 months. His face is not shown. Flipping through Ultimate Fallout #4 though, I see that this image below is the only image of his face shown in the entire issue:

Spiderman 2099! And Spider-women!

Movie news hype!

Spiderman 2099, aka Miguel O’Hara, had a fantastic post credit scene in the Into the Spiderverse flick. I can see him playing a role as we have spiders crawling through time.

Here’s the splash page.

But, is the poster included and attached? Here’s a picture of it! Tri-fecta-fold!

Thought this was also worth mentioning. I noticed what, at first, appeared to be damage to the bottom of the majority of pages to these books, when flipping through them. Referred to as “Marvel Chipping.” Much like the Ms Marvel #1 manufacturing “line” on the cover, from what I’ve seen, Marvel chipping is also caused by a production flaw and does not affect grade, though some may see it as damage and list as a poor state of condition. I know it’s prevalent for books of this time. I’ve seen it in other Spidey books. #361, for example. Now that I think about it, I’ve seen it in Marvel books from the 1960’s!


Spider-women Alpha #1

A couple first appearances in here…

First appearance of Super Adaptoid aka Project Green, one of the members of the S.I.L.K. team.

Jesse Drew, aka Agent 777 1st appearance is in here too. He was attacked by venomous space spider parasites, and survived but developed spider-like abilities.

Reprint Love!

Love, love, love the FF #1 Replica. So nice to not have the “True Believers” over the top. They have some bonus material in the back, including some of the FF1 homage covers Marvel has done over the years. Really hoping they do an exact replica like this for X-Men #1! Oh, how I wish Golden Records would have done one for X-Men #1 back in 1966.

I just found out about this lootcrate DET27. Had no idea there was anything else in terms of near exact cover replicas, aside from the 1984 Oreo giveaway.

Hope you enjoyed this installment. Amazing really does happen when you open books and let your imagination run wild analyzing pages!


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