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Welcome to an all German edition of Foreign Delicacies! It’s been too long since the last time I posted something but life just seems to keep getting in the way. Anyways, I’ve stumbled upon some really cool stuff over the years living here in Germany but recently I discovered a Dell Otto cover that apparently no one knew about…or they were keeping the info all to themselves. Nevertheless, I have some appetizers before the main course.
One of my personal favorite covers is J.G. Jones’ Wonder Woman 28 Steampunk variant but as fate would have it I’m not the only person that likes that book and I will never spend hundreds of $$ on it but…..there is a German variant (of course that’s what this article is all about right)

Wonder Woman 4 Steampunk Variant 

This cover reminds me of the newer DC covers which have very little on the cover
It was printed in 2012 as a special variant cover for the Comic Salon in Erlangen Germany.
Limited to 222 copies
This is a thick one though, 116 pages.
It reprints the US Wonder Woman 19-23

Spawn 5 (US #9) 1st appearance of Angela

Every time I find this book in the wild I buy it. It is rumored to be limited to a 11,000 print run but I can’t find any facts to back that up so take that with a grain of salt. 
It can usually be found for under $25 but there is a CGC 9.8 on ebay right for BIN $200 (I promise it’s not mine, I don’t live in Singapore) 
I personally think this is good cheap spec and it doesn’t hurt that she is in the new Asgardians of the Galaxy series. If she ever shows up in a Marvel fiml this might be a good book to have in a drawer somewhere. Currently the CGC Census shows 26 graded copies of which 10 are 9.8 (The census is all messed up because there are two listings for the same book, one for 1993 and the other for 1997). 
The cover is the same as the US Spawn #9 but it is white/grey and embossed, which makes this book even rarer in high grade because I don’t think that it can be pressed.
So now the moment you have all been waiting for. Drum roll…..and the mystery unknown Dell Otto book is.
Have you ever been digging through longboxes and had that feeling that you found something special that no one else in the comic community seems to know about? Well that’s what happened to me. Of course when I first pulled this book out of the longbox I thought to myself hmmm it shows Dell Otto’s name on the front cover (below his right arm) but I’ve never seen that cover before or have I?
So what did I do?
I immediately looked up the cover checklist on CBSI (shameless plug) and to my amazement it wasn’t there. I thought, well I’ll google it to make sure it really is a Dell Otto cover but I couldn’t seem to find anything. It seemed as though this book was a ghost. So it turns out that on the inside cover it says that the cover is by Jae Lee and Dell Otto!!!
Thanks for reading!

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