Amazing Spider-Man #800 Store Exclusives

Crazy times when it comes to variants … We’re nowhere near variant avalanches of the past (DKIII and Harley Quinn Rebirth, I am looking at you!), but there are still dozens of store exclusives coming out. Seems that financial darwinism has had its effect and we might be reaching a point soon where there will be not that many retailer variants and they will be handled by 5-6 artists, most of whom will be selling it directly from their site or art rep. I might not be very excited about the art itself, but it’s an outcome I can totally understand. If their audience keeps buying them, why not keep doing it? There’s also the element of buying directly from the artist which still gives people a buzz, I guess.

As far as I can tell, there’s only one of the following covers that uses existing art (that’s the Dell’Otto ComicXposure exclusive), which is good news too, in the sense that I feared a flood of those after the last few months. I guess Marvel is becoming the king of the reheated art though (this issue alone has 4 remastered covers). Also, is it me or has Marvel been acting a bit as if they had organized a Kickstarter and announcing more variants as time went by?

My guesses are not what you are here for, though, let’s take a look at those variants … As always, be warned that these will probably do nothing in the market, so buy what you like and like what you buy.

We will start with that cover machine: JSC … 8 covers!!! Eight! Ocho! Acht! No matter what language you use, that’s a lot of covers. King of excess or insane genius? We will see if he has any more tricks up his sleeve in the next few months. Did I hear 16??? 32? At that point, just draw a comic, please Scott.

Back on regular Earth, there are quite a few other covers and almost all the cover magicians are represented (as always, keep in mind that almost all of these covers will have different variations, like virgin versions or differently colored or what-have-you):

Adam Hughes

Comic Sketch Art

Lee In-Hyuk

The Comic Mint | Sad Lemon (Europe)

Clayton Crain



Little Giants

Gabriele Dell’Otto


Francesco Mattina & Will Sliney

Midtown Comics

Gabriele Dell’Otto

Scott’s Collectables

Lucio Parrillo

The Comic Mint | Sad Lemon Comics (Europe)

Tyler Kirkham

Unknown Comics

Tyler Kirkham

Unknown Comics

(actually not sure about this one, if anyone can confirm)

If I have forgotten any retailer exclusives, please give me a shout in the comments section and I will be more than glad to add it to the article. Enjoy!!!

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