America & Vengeance…

Besides, you could not pay me enough to join the Avengers

– America Chavez

Greetings from the desert fellow CBSI members. This week will be going back to our regularly scheduled program of what is hot, or what is not from the week of March 1st, 2017. The book with the most to gain this week was America # 1, which is Miss America Chavez first solo run. Unfortunately for Marvel, this series has not done well with the masses. However, her 1st appearance is worth some good money in the aftermarket. Let’s take a look…

Vengeance #1 1:15 Variant by Mike Deodato Jr & 1st panels
Total run 25.8K / Roughly 1720 of this cover

So let’s start in with the covers that have some meat in the bone from March 1st, 2017


Aquaman # 18 Cover B by Josh Middleton
30K total print run / Roughly 15K per Cover
Batman #18 Cover A by David Finch
98K total print run / Roughly 49K per cover

Death of Hawkman # 6 Cover B by Bill Sienkiewicz
Total print run 13K / Roughly 6500 per cover


Extremity # 1 Cover by Daniel Johnson
Total run 17.9K


America # 1 1:50 Variant by Cliff Chiang
Total run 43.5K / Roughly 870 of this cover
Clone Conspiracy Omega # 1 Granov Variant
41.1K total print run / Roughly 20K per cover
Monsters Unleashed # 4 1:100 Variant by Bill Sienkiewicz
Total print run 34.9K / Roughly 349 of this cover
Unstoppable Wasp #3 1:25 Variant by Ganucheau
Total print run 12.3K / Roughly 492 of this copy


Middleton’s AQ run continues to do well in the aftermarket. If you can get a complete set or two when it’s all said and done, there is profit in your future.

Sienkiewicz fans, that Death of Hawkman 6 is a great cover, and low print run. Find them cheap.
Monsters Unleashed 1:100s as a set is worth owning if you can get in on the lower end. These runs are minuscule and will gain traction financially over time no doubt.

Don’t sleep on these Wasp Variants. I spoke before of her parallels with Moon Girl in terms of print run and likability with younger fans. There is a future for her in the film media down the road. If this occurs you will see these variants jump in price. Refer to my article from January titled New Years & New Noise for a complete breakdown of key issues.

Well, that’s all this week. It was smaller in terms of good books, but still some money to be made if bought at the right price. One more note, going back to that Vengeance # 1. The regular covers 1-6 were all done by Dell’Otto and worth a pick up. They can be found relatively cheap out there. Good luck in the wild!

Talk soon,


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