April 29


Hello Hello Hello!

Happy Avengers Endgame era! Holding my breath for what’s coming next in Marvel Cinema. So, so many possibilities. How exciting!

And, did you catch the Swamp Thing Trailer? Wow it looks like it will be a great show!


New books in!

Speaking of Swamp Gas!



Swamp Thing #1, 1972, DC Comics.

-First Appearance and origin of Swamp Thing Alec Holland. House of Secrets #92 is thee Swamp Thing book to own, but I’m reading it debuted a different Swamp Thing-like creature. A prototype?



-First Appearance of Anton Arcane, Swamp Thing’s main antagonist. Remember him from the 1980’s tv show? He was obsessed with finding immortality.

-First Appearance of Un-Men, mutated creatures Arcane created.

This is the last panel of the book!



-First Nathan Ellery aka Mister E, head of Conclave, a crime organization who had the Holland’s killed, all for the Bio-Restorative Formula.



The what? Bio-Restorative Formula? What is that?

It’s a formula Alec Holland created to help plants grow and live in hostile environments. Mister E is the one who shot Dr. Holland, who then fell into the swamp with his formula that ultimately kept him alive and turned him into, wait for it… Swamp Thing!

The formula story first appears in this very book!



More first appearances in here of Matt Cable, Linda Holland (wife and science partner of pre-swamp thing), and last but not least, Mutt, Swamp Things dog!



Another key character in Swamp Thing lore is Abigail Arcane, who debuts in Swamp Thing #3. Anton Arcane is her uncle. She’s a medic and psychic. That’s another book ready to take off!

A couple spreads I wanted to include.

The explosion that began the transformation.



Just a cool 1-pager action sequence…



Out of the swamps and into the snow, presenting…


Santa in the Spring!



A Christmas Dream, 1950

I found a few Christmas promotional, giveaway, etc. type books from the 50’s that looked rare and like they commanded some substantial cashola. They made me think of BenC with his healthy Christmas addiction. At least I think it’s healthy. Ha!


Black Cat!

Black Cat Comics #23, 1950, Harvey.

There are so many classic covers between Black Cat Comics and Black Cat Mysteries. And when you look to purchase some, you’re either weighing cashing in your 401k early, or chasing the pig around the house with a hammer (while possibly yelling obscenities) to scrounge up and buy copies, that, well, that look like there are people out there who like to eat pieces of comics!  


Planet Stories Vol 3, #11, 1948, Fiction House.

This cover intrigued me. That, and who doesn’t want to say they own books from the 40’s?

1,000,000 years of sleep? Cryogenics from the 40’s! Ray Bradbury? Let’s do it!

Ok, I couldn’t resist asking google ‘How much does it cost to freeze your brain?’…

“You can freeze your whole body or you can save money and freeze just your head. If I recall correctly, the price for freezing your whole body is around US $100,000, but freezing your head costs much less, around $40,000.”

I’m all for saving money! But, ok, establishing a pricing baseline. We’ve got to do our due diligence and shop it around, don’t we?

Google, how much does it cost to freeze yourself after death?

“Prices with other organizations can be as much as $200,000 or more for whole body cryopreservation and $80,000 for a “neuro” (head-only) option.”

It sounds like prices are going up! Better act quickly and lock in a low rate today! On second thought, maybe I’ll just stick with comics. Focus McFly!

More Spawn-taneous buys!




Gritty interior pages from #236



Eternally Grateful!



The plan was to wait until the movie got closer, but waiting was growing costly, with the way #1’s were seeing price increases, the way Angelina Jolie news has #3’s soaring, and the way the domino effect was beginning to take effect on the first appearances of other characters rumored to be appearing in the movie. #’s 9 and 11, for example.

I wanted to take more time here but there is just so much information in these books I’m going to have to quickly run through some notable images.

#1 – 1st appearance of Ikaris, Makkari, Kro and the Eternals as a team



Also first appearance of the Deviants, antagonists of the Eternals.



Other notes: The underwater city and Celestial’s ship are shown for the first time.


#3! Sersi!

Here’s our first look at her.



Notes: More Deviants make first appearances in this book.



Cool spread…



#5 – 1st appearances of Domo, Makkari, Thena, and Zuras.

All are pictured on the cover.

#9 – 1st appearance of Sprite, an Eternal, and the Celestials Hargen the Measurer, Oneg the Prober, Nezzarr the Calculator, and Eson the Searcher.





Nezzarr the Calculator



Oneg the Prober



Hargen the Analyzer



Eson the Searcher



#11 – First appearance of Aginar, the Delphan Brothers, Druig, Kingo Sunen, Valkin, and Zarin



Just a great spread!



Random Stuff, part uno!

Grave Hackin’s on Halloween Slade!



Tales from the Grave #1, 2010, Monsterverse

This is a 1:5 incentive that can command some coin. More or less around the half-century mark.

Can’t find any print numbers for the regular cover.





Also have to point out the Bruce Timm back cover art.



Hack Slash My First Maniac #1, 2010 Image Comics.

Cover B by Frison. Her popularity on Wonder Woman really spilled over into her older work. I’m surprised her first cover work doesn’t sell for many times over what it is currently ending at. Note to self: Try really, really hard to pick up her first cover!

Hack Slash #25, Cover B, 2013, Image

This is a, well, fill in the blanks F_ _ _ _ _ Issue in S_ _ _ _ _.

Pretty neat last issue cover. Another fantastic piece by Jenny Frison.

Found these Hack Slash Fun Facts in the back.



Halloween #1, 2000, Chaos

Michael Myers origin is revealed for the first time in this book. That, plus the cover, makes this a classic.

This panel reminded me of that famous and oh so disturbing sideways look we associate with Myers. It really captures who he is. A person so very fascinated with his post work!



Deathstroke the Terminator #15, 1992, DC Comics.

This book features the 1st appearance of Rose, Deathstroke’s daughter and future Ravager.

Her mother, Sweet Lili, also first appears here.



But this is all we see of his daughter.



Random stuff, part dos!



Snuck in some more Spawn.

Spawn #265 B&W 2016 Variant and Adventures of Spawn #1 Directors Cut, 2007.

Why I like them:

#265 introduces a new villain to the Spawn villainous rogue gallery. Roughly 16k printed in total between covers A and B.

Adv. of Spawn #1.  Check out the premise:

“THE END OF THE WORLD! Al Simmons is SPAWN X!!! Teamed with the Redeemer and the robotic Omega Spawn, SPAWN X must fight the villainous forces of Mammon, Overtkill, Cy-Gor and Tiffany in order to stop them from retrieving the infamous 13 Relics of Ruin! Collected and in print for the very first time! This special ‘director’s cut’ edition features never-before-seen pages that expand upon the story seen in the original web comic, creative team interviews and a look at the creative process involved in bringing a traditionally dark character into the much more colorful, action-packed world of Saturday morning cartoons-style adventures.”

Never before seen pages? Saturday morning carton style? Trying to stop the end of the world? I’m in!

These are around relatively cheap. Roughly 9,000 printed.

Also of note is the #2 issue, which came out almost 2 years later and has an approximate 4,000 print run.

Interior art:


Humanoids from the Deep #1, 2010, Bluewater Productions.

I simply did not see this book around. What do you do when you don’t see a book around? Add it to your physical and/or emotional ‘to hunt and track down if it’s the last thing I do’ list!

Here’s the synopsis-

”The blood-crazed, mutant fish-men from Roger Corman’s 1980’s classic Humanoids from the Deep are back for more. When the humanoids crash an island high school graduation party, it’s all Ann, and her best friend Cindy, can do to survive.”

Living Corps Hack Slash Annual #1, 2009, Zenescope Entertainment.

Cool cover alert! If that wasn’t enough, it’s a 1:10 sketch variant. If that still wasn’t enough, there’s 4,500 printed between the A and B covers. When do we get to see Hack Slash live action?

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers #1, 2010 Cover B from Boom Studios.

Nostalgia sighting! And they’re all-new original adventures! I don’t know why Boom stopped at only 8 issues. The plus for this series is the 1:10 Incentives for the first 4 issues. They can be ghostly.

Just over 5,000 copies printed altogether for covers A and B. The print runs go down from there to about 3,500 for #’s 5 and 6. #’s 7 and 8 print numbers don’t appear to show up. It’s no wonder why the 1:10’s don’t rear their little Disney talking animal heads!

If you’ve made it this far, we have a lot in common! And I have a surprise! Let’s give away an Eternals #1, shall we? Yes! Yes, we shall! If you’d like to enter into the drawing to receive a free copy, simply comment in the comments section below. Your comment can be anything. A “.” Would be enough. Or a simple, “I hate you” Ha! But please, get creative and use the $#^& type characters for profanity. Oh, and it will likely be lower grade but will display nicely. I’ll cover shipping and everything. How fun!

Alright all, it’s time to Steve Miller Band. I mean, it’s time to fly! Fly like an eagle, to the sea. Fly like an eagle, let my comic spirit carry me!


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