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It’s obviously all about Veronica, but let’s do Archie! With sharks! 6 years ago (whoooooooah, it’s already been 6 years!) SyFy created a cult classic movie in Sharknado. The over the top zany wackiness of it made a perfect storm of B-trash movie goodness. Sharknado madness was everywhere that summer, and everyone wanted a piece of it. Surprisingly, there was no Sharknado comic to accompany it. When the 3rd movie came out, Archie Comics provided a one-shot in the aptly titled Archie vs Sharknado. (Is this a first appearance for Sharknado?) The final movie came out last year (yes, they made 6 movies in total and the last one featured time-traveling Sharknados), and while Sharknado-mania is not as high as it once was, this Francavilla cover is a beaut that will stand the test of time. The Italian Master does what he does best here: creating a horror scenario with bright-popping colors. Archie is ready to take on 3 sharks armed with nothing more than a bat and a knife. His eyes are a mixture of horror and determination; the shark nearest him salivates as it flies near its human meat. Francavilla captures this action scene near perfect, microseconds away from all out bloodbath. This one-shot had 3 variants, but you can never go wrong with Francavilla.



Issues 627 – 630 of Archie featured Archie and the gang meeting KISS and going on adventures. Francavilla provided the variants for each issue, highlighting a KISS member’s make up in each issue. Of course, he kick starts the variants with The Demon, and it makes for an epic cover. A young Archie is wailing on a Flying V, almost hypnotized by The Demon’s stare. Francavilla is the master of the ink and color, and the splatter of orange and yellow bleeding into The Demon’s face is further proof of his genius inks.


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