Aristocrats of War #10 – G.I. Combat

G.I. Combat Key Issues

G.I. Combat began it’s long run in 1952, being published by Quality Comics. Quality produced the title for 44 issues before DC took over their publishing. Originally, G.I. Combat was ran as a war anthology series that presented war stories from many eras. With the DC run, the focus of the series narrowed to World War 2, although late in the run theyt branched out again in an attempt to broaden the audience. Finally, in March 1987, G.I. Combat’s long run ended with issue #288 in March 1987.

As with most anthology style series, key issues can be few and far between. So let’s dive right in.

Obviously the 1st of the long running series, but also features a great cover by the legendary Reed Crandall.

The 1st DC published issue in the series.

A great Anti-Nazi Propaganda cover from Grandenetti!

As pointed out in the comments, this one brings good money with the partial grey tone!

1st Appearance of Tank Killer.

Once considered the 1st Appearance as Sgt. Rock, this would be a prototype character of Sgt. Rock.

A classic washtone cover! Yeah, it’s a thing!

Grey Tone Galore!

A classic cover from Jerry Grandenetti!

1st Appearance of Little Al, Big Al, and Charlie Cigar. These three were the attempt at interjecting some comedy into the series.

1st Appearance of Haunted Tank. A great Russ Heath Cover to boot!

2nd Haunted tank and Classic Kubert Cover!

1st Cover Appearance of Haunted Tank. 

Origin of Haunted Tank. 

1st Appearance of the Losers.

Final Issue!

I may have missed some. If you feel I did, post a comment and I will add to the list. I think that as we go forward, more and more covers are going to be recognized for their artistic value, driving some new keys.

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