Aristocrats of War #15 – The Unknown Soldier Keys

The Unknown Soldier Keys

First, we should dive into the argument over the first appearance (seems this argument is a reoccuring nightmare in comics.)

Let’s look at the facts:

The Unknown Soldier in this issue is a man that takes on a special mission from the Pentagon and dons a disguise as we know “The Unknown Soldier’ character to do.

Personally I feel OAaW #168 has some importance in military lore as it relates Sgt. Rock to the man who represents the tomb dedicated to all unidentified soldiers, but as far as the character of The Unknown Soldier SSWS #151 stands as the 1st Appearance of “The Unknown Soldier” (as a side-note, CGC identifies both as 1st Appearance of the Unknown Soldier.)

1st Appearance of The Unknown Soldier

Although we are introduced to the Unknown Soldier in this issue, we learn he is a master of disguise but there is no hint of his signature bandages.

Origin of The Unknown Soldier

In this issue we are given the Origin of The Unknown Soldier, why he wears bandages, why he continues the fight as The Unknown Soldier!

1st Appearance of Chat Noir (Unnamed)

Chat Noir is a big supporting character to the Unknown Soldier and seems to be his assistant, much like Bruce Wayne and Alfred. Although he is assisted by an unnamed Sergeant in #151, the story takes place before the two meet. Stay Tuned.

1st Named Appearance of Chat Noir

This story takes place just prior to D-Day, where The Unknown Soldier is parachuted into France and meets up with a French Resistance Leader and former Army man, Chat Noir.

The Unknown Soldier disguises himself as Sgt. Rock

After Sgt. Rock is injured, The Unknown Soldier takes his place to lead his men.

1st Self-Titled Issue

With this issue Star Spangled War Stories is re-titled to The Unknown Soldier.

“Death” of Unknown Soldier and Chat Noir

Without confirmation, we see the apparent death of The Unknown Soldier, with Sgt Rock saying a final piece.

Crossover With Superman

After receiving numerous tips, Red Tornado helps Superman determine that he may be being helped by The Unknown Soldier. Previously thought to be dead, we see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier lurking in the shadows and gives us a tip off when he scratches himself. 

Crossover With Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing is reanimated into the body of recently deceased soldier serving under Sgt. Rock, with The Unknown Soldier also in the unit disguised as a medic.

Bob the Bartender

Most of the DC War Personalities take part in a reunion and recount the death of Sgt. Rock. Afterwards the bartender disappears leaving a mask on the bar.

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