Aristocrats of War #16 – Recent Movers And Shakers in War Comics

Recent Movers And Shakers in War Comics

War comics have some great movers right now, especially cross-genre covers. Looking for some solid investments?

Wings Comics from Fiction House are really doing well. Any one of the Bob Lubbers issues from

Anything similar to these seem to be really growing, from Fight Comics to Rangers. Again, it just emphasizes the importance of investing in something that has multiple fan bases. These old Golden Agers are hard to come by, especially when you get multiple different genre collectors gobbling up what hits the market.

Anyways, here are a few more notable big sellers from recently. The key here is to start to see the patterns develop on the big movers how it is affecting the lesser known similar issues.

A Great Bondage Cover by Art Saaf from Jun 1944

The mix of War and Bondage drive this non Key in the market, a recent Restored 6.5 sold for just over $650. Notably a Blue 6.5 sold for $695 in March of last year, with a Blue 6.0 moving at $762 in September of 18. Good steady increases on this book.

Last Japanese War Cover for Series

Hmmmm……let’s see, Captain America, Golden Age, Schomburg, War! “Nuff said.
Always a solid growth book, eBay just saw a PGX 3.0 sale for $1,200. Yeah PGX! Last CGC was in similar range was a 4.0 in February of 17 that set the market at $775.

Awesome Good Girl Art Cover sticking it to the Nazis

I Brought up this issue back in AoW #3 in Sept. We also saw this book’s new market set at $1,100 for a CGC 3.0, Just for comparison a 6.0 sold in 2016 for $1162. Also, a raw sold for $630 missing a good chunk of its corner.

Another Classic Cover was recycled from this, See Horrific #3

A 4.0 of this classic flamethrower cover just sold for $975, same grade was $300 in 2017. 

Hitler and Hirohito Cover

Also contains the 1st Fortress of Solitude. This book just keeps banging away, with a 2.5 just selling for $2,125. Always a good steady return with this book.

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