Aristocrats of War 22: War Hot 10


War Hot 10

Our Army at War #168

1st Appearance of the Unknown Soldier

This book can be a sleeper. Labeled by CGC as the 1st Appearance of The Unknown Soldier, it can command a premium in High Grade, try to stay at 9.2 and above. A 9.4 just sold at $1,800 with a 9.2 selling for a thousand a couple months ago. Although there is the argument that this isn’t “the” Unknown Soldier that later appears in Star Spangled War Stories #151, this commands the premium and the CGC designation doesn’t hurt either. (See AoW #15 for my breakdown of Unknown Soldier Keys)


Our Army At War #83

1st True Appearance of Sgt. Rock

Again this book moves, with a 2.0 going for $882 at auction recently, and a 3.5 at $1687 last month. Again this book is a rock solid foundation for a comic collection, no pun intended.


Rangers Comics #26

These books do not need 1st appearances to power them, with a raw mid-grade being sold at $1000 last week via Best Offer. It will be interesting to see what a slab copy does.


Air Fighters Vol 2 #2

1st Appearance of Valkyrie

A great Charles Biro cover featuring the Airboy arch-nemesis Valkyrie drives this great book. A moldy but “Complete” raw sold at $650 this week, with the most recent slab sales being a 3.5 for $650 and a 7.0 going for $2,400. Great book to nab anytime.


Victory Comics #4

Last week I had Victory #1 on this list, well this week a 5.0 of #4 sold for $822. With only 6 copies on the census, this is pretty scarce. Did Leifeld copy the pouches from The Conqueror?


War Comics #11

This is a very scarce Atlas book!!! Russ Heath gives us a very graphic flamethrower cover that, as of yet, doesn’t have a single graded copy on the census.

This is on my wishlist and this week a raw in the VG range sold for $800.


The Eagle #1


A relatively unknown Nazi cover from that predates our entry into World War 2. A 4.0 just moved at $795 which was previously $228 in 2008.


Our Army at War #82

1st Sgt. Rock By Name

A raw incomplete copy just went for $288?!? I can’t say much more than that. This book features the first reference to Sgt. Rock.


Action Comics #76

No surprise here, but a great rendition of some Japanese soldiers meeting up with Supes will now cost you around $350 in VG ish condition. Which isn’t terrible for a great meat and potatoes early Supes.


Foxhole on Your Front Lawn

An oddball for sure, this was a promo mini from the US Treasury just after the Korean War. Well odd as it is, $471 seemed like a good price to some war collectors bidding it out last week.



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