Aristocrats of War #24


War Hot 10


War Fury #1

(Comic Media)

Flamethrower and a bullet hole from Don Heck, doesn’t get much better than this. These are the kind of covers that Ben C and Jon Z have pillow talk over. The bullethole was later swiped for the classic cover on Horrific #3. This baby doesn’t come cheap but a SOLID contender for War and Horror collectors. I can see this book skyrocketing with the Golden Age boom. A raw with cover detached at one staple just sold for nearly $500.


Two-Fisted Annual #1

(EC Comics)

This issue is VERY tough to find without spine issues, and also interestingly, there were no copies in the Gaines File. On the other hand, how could you not read it with 132 pages of squarebound delight featuring the previous years EC war comics? Anyways, we just saw a raw sell in the VG- neighborhood for $350ish.


Our Army At War #81

(DC Comics)

One may be inclined to think that Jerry Grandenetti, Russ Heath, Ross Andru, and Joe Kubert power this issue in the market, but actually it one of the supposed Sgt Rock prototypes. I won’t get into the semantics, but it also features the first appearance of Sgt. Rock’s arch-nemesis Iron Major, although he is a Captain. A raw copy in the VG area went for just under $400.


World War III

(Ace Publications)

When I saw the first episode of Designated Survivior, I thought of this issue. Featuring a 1950’s cover with an Atom Bomb blowing up the Capitol, this is the A-Bomb cover to have in my opinion. Of course, the Gerber 7 rating doesn’t hurt either. A couple raws just sold and someone just got a deal on a high grade raw for high $600s.


Batman #17

(DC Comics)

A classic in all senses of the term, this War Bonds Cover always sells, as do most early Bats issues. A Good+ copy just sold for $500. Although it presents really well if it was indeed that low of a grade. A great book to put away anytime.


Fighting Yank #9

(Nedor Publications)

I am partial to the Japanese World War 2 covers over the Nazi Covers, but thats just the Jarhead in me leaking out. This is, in my opinion, is a great cover from one of the best cover artists of the era. $625 seemed like a good raw price recently to a war collector out there.


Rangers Comics #26

(Fiction House)

This one made the list last time, and stays put after a low grade raw sold at auction for $393. Again this series, with their wonderful Joe Doolin Good Girl covers, is really climbing right now.


Yankee Comics #1


Hard to find in an unrestored state, this book rarely comes up in a complete condition. A fair but complete recently sold at auction for $130. Thats with a split spine by the way.


War Adventures #12


Some covers are just mind-bendingly great, and here is one. Sol Brodsky nailed it on this one. Although, a mid-grade copy just breaking $200 bucks is nothing over the top, this only has 7 copies on the census.


Captain Aero #21


L.B. Cole and War! What’s not to love? With 10 copies on the census and the Cole Craze of ‘19, you better hop on this train!


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