Aristocrats of War #26


War Hot 10


Our Army At War #81

(DC Comics)


This one is back on the list after a G/VG raw copy sold for just over $200 bucks, perhaps down a tad but when dealing with raws, the market can be a little bit wonky. While the market recognizes this as a prototype issue, this is still a key.


G.I. Joe #35



A great painted bondage cover by Clarence Doore and some non Archie Dan DeCarlo interiors make this a great piece to add to your collection. This one actually has a pretty low Census at 6, so grab it if you see it. A raw VG/FN just moved at $550 with a Best Offer so it definitely has a market as well.


Sparky Watts #1

(Columbia Comics)


A relatively unheard of Hitler and Goering cover. A restored 5.0 moves at $295, which isn’t grand by any means, but definitely a war book to have on your radar as it is a really affordable Hitler cover. A blue label, in grade,  should see about double that price.


Two-Fisted Annual #1

(EC Comics)


This issue is back and again it is VERY tough to find without spine issues. I love this Kurtzman issue, and this time we saw a 3.0 slab go for $400 with a best offer sale. Again, there were no copies of this issue in the Gaines File.


Two-Fisted Annual #2

(EC Comics)


Not to be outdone the second and final Two-Fisted Annual sports a grisly cover by the great Jack Davis and finished at auction at just over $700 for a 7.0 copy. One of my favorite EC war covers as well!


Star Spangled War Stories #90

(DC Comics)


This lead-off issue to the Classic “War That Time Forgot” series is a key, no doubt. A ragged raw copy just sold for just over $200. By “ragged”, I mean complete, and thats about it. It does have a Madamoiselle Marie backup story as well.


War Fury #1

(Comic Media)


This one is back after a 3.5 sold at auction for $525. And I will repeat myself, war covers don’t get much better than this, with a flamethrower and a bullet hole from Don Heck. Sit back and watch this baby climb.


Fight Comics #30

(Fiction House)


Here is a dandy Joe Doolin bondage cover and bringing great returns with a 8.5 ending at auction for over $2,300. Now let’s get some perspective here, in 2017, that grade would have ran you $700. Wowzers!


Startling Comics #12

(Better Publications)


Oddly this is a non-Schomburg Fighting Yank cover, but be advised, this Ed Wenzel cover is a doozie. With Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo this just killed at market with a trimmed Purple Label 3.0 ending at $1,253 at auction. And just for reference, in January, a 1.8 went for $1100! Take That, Alex!


Our Army at War #112

(DC Comics)

Another one of my favorite covers from th DC war stable, the infamous Easy Company Roll Call Cover by the Legend himself, Joe Kubert. This one is cooling off right now, marketwise, so I feel it is a great buy at current market prices. This classic cover will regain it’s value

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