Aristocrats of War #27


Miss Victory

(Joan Wayne)

Let’s dive into a relatively unknown character that may interest some of you War collectors. Introduced in Captain Fearless #1 from Holyoke Pub in 1941, being drawn in her first appearance by artist Charles Quinlan. The character is Joan Wayne, a Washington, DC secretary who dons a cape to stop a sabotage of a government rubber contract. All in all it is a pretty rough introduction, with no character history or backstory.



Miss Victory makes a subsequent appearance in Captain Fearless #2, where we find out that Joan works for the Secretary of Commerce. In this issue she defeats an room full of Nazi agents and rescues some Senators who were trying to pass a bill preventing the export of goods to Nazi occupied countries. Issue #2 would be the final issue of Captain Fearless. The story from Captain Fearless #2 was reprinted in Captain Aero #6 (Vol 1 #12) when Holyoke took over that series.



Continuing to make story appearances in the Captain Aero series, the notable appearances are Captain Aero #7 (Vol 2 #1) in which Miss Victory dons a new costume which sports a V on the chest. Which makes us 3 for 3 in Appearances and Costumes.  

Her 1st had a star on the chest, then nothing on the chest for her second appearance.

Captain Aero #11 (Vol 3 #9) is a complete retelling of the story from Captain Fearless #1 with new art and script, which is a good thing as the story and art were a little underwhelming in the first few appearances. Then in Captain Aero #13 (Vol 3 # 11) Miss Victory gets a new artist, Nina Albright. Surprise, in Captain Aero #16 (Vol 4 #2) Miss Victory has become a pilot and Story art is by none other than L.B. Cole. I’m not sure if Joan becomes a pilot so Cole can draw the story or if Cole was brought in for the story. Cole also changes the costume slightly. Also, we see Joan taking stepping into a direct involvement in the war effort in these issues. Then in Capt Aero #17, artist Nina Albright drastically changes the uniform to a way more revealing rendition.



With Capt Aero #26 we have the final Miss Victory appearance with L.B. Cole providing the art. My assumption is with World War 2 wrapped up, the allure of the character was waivering. Up until Captain Aero #25, the stories mostly consisted of Miss Victory battling Japanese foes. The final two issues seemed a grasp at telling a non war story, featuring crime related plots. Sadly, at this point the end has came for Miss Victory as she disappears into the pile of Golden Age characters that met their fall to obscurity after the war.

But before all hope is dashed AC Comics brings Miss Victory back with FemForce Special #1 in 1984. Joan is alongside Senorita Rio, She-Cat, Lady Luger, Nightveil and many other Golden Age characters.



Joan continues her appearances with FemForce #1. It’s actually a pretty good take on Miss Victory, with her regaining her strength and youth via an experimental chemical known as V-47. I also like the cover of FemForce #8 and might be my favorite as Joan made no Golden Age cover appearances.




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