Aristocrats of War #28


Wolverine and War Part 1

Wolverine is a perennial favorite character among collectors, so why should that be any different for War Collectors. Wolverine’s soldier days weren’t originally part of his bio but seemed to slowly trickle in from creators over the years.


Serving with Cap

After the death of Captain America during the Civil War storyline, Daniel Way scripts a history of World War 2 exploits of Wolverine with Captain America in Wolverine: Origins #16 20.

These issues feature some beautiful covers from Marko Djurdjevic.


Although the story doesn’t feature any direct war action, the story leads off with #16, which interestingly enough, is a retelling of Uncanny X-men #268 but from Wolverine’s memory. Issue #16 also features an Ed McGuinness homage variant to the original Jim Lee classic cover issue.



The storyline continues for 4 more issues with a followup mission where we find out that Wolverine had served in World War 1 and 2 in the Canadian military, but in “The Devil’s Brigade”. We also find out that Captain America and Bucky deployed to Tunisia the month prior to the attack of Pearl Harbor.

The storyline can be a little tough to follow as all parties have different missions but long story short, the Canadian Military is trying to find out more about the rumored “Super-Soldier” by sending Logan to help Cap. Bucky is jealous and untrusting of Wolverine and is on his own orders to kill Baron Strucker. But by the end of the story Wolverine is ordered to kill Cap and Bucky, while rescuing Strucker.

There are plenty of cheesy plot additions and references by Way but all in all a pretty good story, although I would have loved to see Brubaker take it on.

To be conitunued…..


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