Aristocrats of War #4 – War Bonds

War Bonds, Defense Bonds, and Liberty Bonds were a debt security to finance military operations during times of war. Prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the terms used were Defense and Liberty Bonds. After the attack, bonds were sold as War Bonds. Interest on these War Bonds sold between 1941 and 1965 would accrue interest for 40 years at roughly 2.92%. War Bonds were also non-transferable, although i believe there were ways to pass these as gifts etc. If you have some, good luck cashing them in and have your hoop-jumping shoes on!

One important thing to differentiate is covers featuring Defense Stamps or Bonds were probably drawn prior to December 1942, as they were called War Bonds and Stamps after the US entry into the war.

This is a typical Defense Stamp ad, which can be found on many comics from Spring and Summer 1942. These were heavily used by Quality/Nedor. However, I am going to try and focus on actual Bond issues as they signify the transition the US made to War.

There are tons of comic covers with War Bond advertisements, so I may miss a few. If so, let me know in the comments.


      Batman #12 from Aug 1942, is the first Cover to feature War Bond Propaganda as part of the Art and Characters, rather that just a stamp or banner. Featuring a great military cover by Jerry Robinson, this issue will definitely set you back a bit financially.

There are currently 116 Blue Labels and 21 restored copies burrently on the CGC Census. A 5.5 will set you back about $1,016. 


Good Luck and Happy Hunting. 



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