Aristocrats of War #7 – Halloween and War?

As Halloween rolls in on us, I am going to feature some War books that cross into the Horror Genre, or maybe it is the other way around. Probably most common in this category would be Weird War Tales that ran through 124 issues. Weird War Tales is deserving of it’s own article so I will cover that in a future installment.

For this week, let’s take a look at some L.B. Cole books. Leonard Brant (L.B.) Cole, now a Hall of Famer, was largely underappreciated as a cover artist until Gerber released the Photo Journal Guide to Comic Books, which featured many of Cole’s works, and catapulted some of his covers. Perhaps best known for his dark or black backgrounds, L.B. Cole was a master with the use of “poster” or primary colors.

L.B. Cole did several covers for Blue Bolt. Bold and striking,

Keeping with the drive to obscurity, next up we have



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