Aristocrats of War #8 – Mac Raboy

The Best Patriotic Comic Covers of Mac Raboy

After last weeks ill-timed article on Hitler getting his ass kicked, I figured I had better take a different direction so readers can separate 1940’s comic covers from recent events. 

Haha, not really! How can we cover patriotism and war without a cover depicting the defeat of fascism! That’s like boycotting french fries! 

On Ward!

Last week, I featured a great Captain Marvel Jr Hitler cover by Mac Raboy. Raboy is  best known for his runs on Captain Marvel Jr, Green Lama, and 20 years of Flash Gordon Sunday Strips. Mac Raboy was a master of simplistic cover composition with an almost poster-like feel to his covers. I also consider Mac a master of the war comic movement of the Golden Age, with his striking and bold covers.

Captain Marvel Jr. #9 is a classic flag cover that depicts the style of Raboy perfectly! This one is somewhat tough  with only 10 copies on the CGC Census. A raw copy will pop up every 6 or 7 months on eBay. As far as graded sales, looks like the last slab sale was a 7.5 in April 2016. Definitely a nice addition to a war collection. 

Captain Marvel Jr. #13 is another Adolf Hitler cover I could have included last week. Again, Mac Raboy displays an almost poster like quality on this great propaganda cover.

The census on this book gets a little deeper with 24 copies of #13. Usually you don’t have to wait long for a raw to show up on eBay. The last public market slab sales were in 2015, with a Pennsylvania Pedigree 8.5 going for $2,510.

Captain Marvel #21 is Mac Raboy’s advertisement for the sale of War Bonds, another sub-genre of War Comics.

We drop back down to 11 Census Copies with the war bond cover. There is a beautiful raw (VF?) up on eBay at $354.50. A 9.0 of this book dropped from $574 to $346 between 2017 and 2018 in sale, but I would assume that as an anomoly.

Next up, Green Lama #6. Again, a classic cover by Raboy showcasing his simplistic compositions.

Census population on this book shows 23 copies. Again there is also a raw copy currently on eBay at just under a grand. Most recent market price has a 5.0 at $306 in July.

Here we are with another awesome parody cover by Mac. This could have been another great propaganda poster. Just Classic Raboy Here!

Again we have a high census at 26 copies and raw and slab copies currently on eBay. a 3.5 has a market price of $1,060 from December 2017.

Master Comics #30 is almost a perfect pairing with our first book mentioned, Captain Marvel Junior #9. Wouldn’t those two look great displayed together?

Looking for an affordable Golden Age book? This may be a great sleeper. A 4.5 went for $210 in 2016. Definitely a great pickup at that price!

What’s a patriotic list without a bald eagle. Master Comics #32 is a favorite cover of mine. Simple, bold, and to the point!!

Kind of light census at 9 copies, and cheap to invest in to boot. can’t lose right here! A 4.5 will set you back under 150 bucks.

Here we have another book that would make a great pair with Green Lama 6! Mac Raboy got straight to the point here with Master Comics #33!

Again, census is very light on this great cover with 9 copies, with 5.0 market being right around $550. Another great pickup and great investment.

There are several more great Mac Raboy covers. Mac is undervalued in my eyes and I could definitely see some gains in value with his covers. As always, thanks for taking the time to read the article and drop a comment.

Stay Safe!



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