Aristocrats of War #9 – War Battles

Books You CAN Find….

Alot of the books I have featured here on Aristocrats of War can be thought of as grails or scarce books that are very hard to find. This week I am going to feature a series that has issues that are relatively easy to find raw but the CGC census is light on them. This could prove beneficial and provide an opening for a decent flip or a nice hold. 

War Battles from Harvey was a late comer to the Golden Age War Scene but had Lee Elias and Bob Powell among its pool of talent. The stories are presented in short anthology form so if you are looking for a light-hearted and easily-digestible war book for reading, these will fill that billet! If you are into Frogmen stories, there are lots of those in here quite often as well.

4 copies of this great Lee Elias cover on the census. 

This great cover is only represented in the census by 2 copies and none have been brought to market since 2010.

I absolutely love this Elias cover. There is only 1 single copy on census and 1 recorded sale.

3 copies of this one populate the census, with a 9.4 as highest graded.

I’m not a fan of this one but maybe you like flamethrowers like Elon musk. This one has 2 copies, one being a 9.2 and only one recorded sale in the market.

This intense cover has 1 census copy, a 7.5. It is also a file copy. Might be a good pick-up for grading.

Another cover with 1 graded copy and a book that has yet to see market as a slab.

There are no copies of this one in the census. Get after it!

Back to Lee Elias cover art. Census shows 5 copies topped by a 9.0.

Issues #2, 3, and 4 would display great together and lots of these cover fit a great sub-niche of war cover content if that is your thing. Sorry Jon, no sharks!

Until next time go out there and get after it!



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