Aristocrats of War : Hot 10 War Comics

Real Life Comics #3

Definitely one of the “Big Boys”, this classic Alex Schomburg cover is white hot. Back in 2005 an 8.0 would have cost you 2k, where a 6.5 today runs $8400. This is a book to have in any grade.


Military Comics #1

Legendary creator Will Eisner introduces us to Blackhawk and also does the cover for this heavy hitter! This book is seeing tremendous gains as well. A 3.5 would have set you back 500 buckaroos in 2014, whereas right now a 3.0 moves for $2,500. A great unheard of investment.


Our Army At War #83

Perhaps “The War Comic”, the 1st appearance of Sgt. Rock is always a solid comic. If you are buying comics for long term holds, this should be in your portfolio. Always steady increases in this extremely liquid book.


Victory Comics #1

A great Bill Everett cover, featuring The Conqueror bashing some Nazis. This book also features numerous 1st Appearances from the Hillman Comics Line. A recent 4.5 sale of $1,237 and a 5.5 at $2,200 should put this on your radar.


Rangers Comics #14

This series is really taking off lately, with this issue featuring a Commando Ranger cover by Art Saaf, oh and bondage, and well what doesn’t it have. This series amazes me lately with the leaps it is making in the market. 2k for a 6.5 recently, whereas a 6.5 market value in 2016 was $650 ,and this is not the only book doing this in the series.


Samson #5

This book is scarce and doesn’t surface very often, when it does look out! This book currently only has 6 copies on the census, with one of them being a Conserved 6.0. A blue 6.0 sits as highest graded. This should be bought in any grade. The 6.0 just sold for $1,400!


Speed Comics #26

A Classic Flag cover featuring Captain Freedom from Pierce Rice, with only 7 census copies. Oh and by the way the market was just rocked  by a 3.0 selling at $1,300 out of no where. Be on the lookout, Speed has a few others in the run that good follow the same trajectory.


Fight Comics #24

Almost any issue from this series is white hot. Here we get a Rip Carson Bondage Cover From Dan Zolnerowich. This book has exploded just yet, with a 3.5 moving at around $675. The series is hot and i see these taking off.


Thrilling Comics #19

This book has a great Doc Strange battle cover and also features the Introduction of The American Crusader. Alex Schomburg cover that is kind of tough with 10 census copies. A 7.5 just finished at over $1200.


Fight Comics #41

Hey, Fight is HOTTTT! Get it yet? A beautiful Joe Doolin Bondage cover drives this one. With a recent raw sale at $1,200 this book is also poised to explode. The raw had some chips out of the cover by the way and was listed as a 1.8.


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