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Greetings from the desert fellow CBSI members! With all the positive feedback from last weeks Artist Spotlight, I felt it was a good time to look at another talent that continues to impress within the comic world. Rahzzah Murdock. You probably are wondering where such a unique name came to fruition right? Well I will let the man himself explain that:

Nothing interesting. It’s a holdover from my “band days” where we all had nicknames. It began as Razz Matazz, got shortened to Razza. Then I had a lady friend who pronounced it “Rahzzah” and I liked that so I just started spelling it phonetically (plus I like the symmetry of it). And Rahzzah it stayed for a good long while, until Johnny Zito came along and decided it wasn’t good enough as-is and threw a “The” in front of it for some reason.”

Funny how life works, sometimes our past continues in our future for the better. Alright with that lets take a look at some of his first covers, and lead into the brilliant Marvel stuff he has done up to this point. In addition a peek into his original creations. Finally, also take a gander at his amazing work with Boom and WWE.


First cover work


Moon Girl (2011) # 1


FCBD Atomic Robo / Foster Broussard

Moon Girl

Marvel Covers

A Force # 8


Age of X-Man Alpha # 1


Black Panther # 2


Black Panther # 2 3rd Print


Black Panther: World of Wakanda # 6


Contest of Champions # 8


Daredevil # 9


Deadpool # 3


Deadpool # 4


Deadpool # 7


Exiles # 9 1:25


Ghost Rider # 1


Immortal Hulk # 5


Luke Cage # 1


Luke Cage # 4


Luke Cage: Legacy # 168


Luke Cage: Legacy # 170


Old Man Logan # 5


Old Man Logan # 28


Punisher Annual # 1


Star Wars: Age of Republic # 1


Star Wars: Mace Windu # 1


Star Wars: The Last Jedi # 4


She Hulk: Marvel Legacy # 163


Thanos # 14


Weapon X # 21


Weapon X # 25


Weapon X # 26


What If X Men # 1


Pretty damn good stuff huh? Shows a lot of range in that portfolio. It conveys he has the ability to draw both males and females singularly or in group setting. In addition, his range of shots close up or more at a distance really portray the depth of his ability.

With that, let’s now look at some of his prints and creations he has made over the years.



My personal favorite!

The DETAIL in this is breathtaking



Are you convinced now this man is top notch? In closing, let’s view his work for Boom Studios including some striking work involving WWE.



In closing, I trust that you took something away from this article such a few books to chase in the wild! Rahzzah no doubt is another shining star in our world of comics today. As he continues to gain more notoriety, this amazing talent will grow his following into a potential household name. Hell that name enough should separate him from a lot of other artists. Yet through all of this he has kept a grounded attitude and never forgotten his roots. Here’s an example of that during a Q&A session. He was asked about his influences and when it all clicked…

“If I started this list I would go on and on and on and still forget very important and influential creators…we live in a great time to be able to come across artists from all over the world thru the internet and all of them end up having some kind of impact on me…….that sounds like such a douchy stock answer but it’s really true….so many amazing creators out there..there’s no shortage of inspiration.”

I always remember drawing but I never made the connection of maybe being able to do it as a career until I saw Marc Silvestri’s X-Men #227”



You can certainly see the influence of Mark’s artwork in today’s Rahzzah pieces. Why even Bats below from his portfolio agrees too.



Talk soon,


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