Greetings from the desert fellow CBSI members! It’s been a while since I wrote an artist spotlight article. This seemed to be the perfect time to shine the torch on a talent that is really starting to make some noise within the comic circles, Shannon Maer.

Shannon has an interesting background that is worth speaking to as he’s had his hands in a lot of different cookie jars. This includes games, books, and casino slots! I will always be partial to him as well as we share the same birthday October 30th, otherwise known as Devils night in the Halloween circles. Anyone else share this date of birth? If so us Scorpios stick together! Alright, so let’s take a look at his beginning comic covers, his amazing art, and the business he is a part of as well.

*There are some pieces missing within his first covers due to the mature content


1st comic cover

May 2013

Legend of Oz: The Wicked West # 7 Cover C

Additional Work


Critter # 13 Cover C


Penny for your soul # 1 Cover F


Ursa Minor Vol 2 # 1 Cover D


Shahrazad # 1 Cover E Convention Exclusive


Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Wonderland # 37 Cover C


Legend of Oz the Wicked West # 1 NYCC Exclusive


Lights…Camera…Jungle: Pilot Cover C


Penny for your soul Vol 4 # 2 Cover I


Vampirella: Valentines Day Special


Well that’s a barrage of amazing covers! As you can see, early work was more indie titles, making them even harder to obtain for those completists. As I spoke to at the beginning of this article, Shannon uses his talents in a variety of ways. He is the founder and creative director of Balance GFX. This is an animation studio in Manhattan specializing in visual development, concept, and theme for casino video slot games. Here are just a few of the titles they have created and you may have seen throughout your ventures to casinos.



Cool stuff huh? If and when you try your luck at these games, remember Shannon had a great deal to do with the design and layout. Alright, let’s now look at some of his professional work he has done over the years, it is nothing more than spectacular!



Well folks, not much more I can add to the above art other than WOW! The cynics may paint Shannon (no pun intended) into a corner as a artist of scantily clad women only. This talent is so much more than that within the comic realm. Now, we come to the present time and his store variants that are selling within minutes when available. Here are some of note that many of you may recognize…


*1st DC Cover


Deceased # 1


Additional work


Dark Red


Vampirella and Red Sonja meet Betty and Veronica


Now with these covers catching fire, we should see much more from Shannon Maer in the near future. Finally, there is one last thing I would like to speak to with him and that is his generosity to give back to up and coming artists. There are some awesome tutorials for both beginners and experts that can be found easily online. They speak to the audience in a way that gets the message across to make things as easy as possible without the complexities that may be seen in other environments. I highly recommend you checking these out!

A few for the road showing the contrast in colors from some of the darker pieces…



Well that about wraps up this artists spotlight. Shannon has a unique talent that is only going to continue to flourish in all aspects of his creativity. One of the greatest compliments you can give is the fact you know when you are looking at one of his creations, down to the cool signature! He has a bright future ahead, give him a shout out on one of his videos like the one seen below. We are lucky to have this talent!



Talk soon,


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