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Greetings and jamutations, Tin Hatters! After a couple of Tin Foil articles about much ado, the Tin Hat is back, doing what it does best! More charming than an Audrey Hepburn film, the Tin Foil Spec is here to fill your lives with amazement and wonder. What does DC prematurely have in store for us? Will Marvel test the limits of Priority Shipping with their thick Previews book? And is McFarlane ready to be patted on the back by everyone and their pet tortoise? Fire Walk With Me on this journey that ends up with the return of schools. Dive in and let’s explore the world of the next season!




Batman: Curse of the White Knight #2

Sean Murphy’s arms are back, and his highly anticipated sequel is looking like it’s living up to the hype. Azrael is ready to unleash his 90s revenge on us all. Never sleep on Murphy’s White Knight books as they’re always great reads and you never know which one will have a first appearance.

Wildcats #1

The 90s don’t end with Azrael! Wildcats are back! Warren Ellis teams up with the ever amazing and fellow Latino Heat Lover Ramon Villalobos on this new DC reboot. This has the potential to be a great read.

House of Secrets #92 Facsimile Edition

Marvel has done great work with their Facsimile Edition books, and now it’s DC’s turn. While I didn’t highlight the previous books, I’m definitely highlighting this because it’s freaking Swamp Thing! This book continues to grow and grow (even against the North Carolina State Treasury Department’s wishes), and if you haven’t bought in yet, time is running out. For the rest of us, this will be a very affordable way to read this book.

Batman #76 & #77

Recently, news spread like wildfire across the webz that DC would be removing Tom King from Batman. Eventually, DC confirmed the news and revealed that King’s story will continue in a new Batman/Catwoman ongoing. While his ending may not have the same emphasis as if it were to still be on Batman #100 (or was it #105?), it’s not a bad idea to pick up these last few Tom King issues. Also, the Dell’Otto variant on #76 is a beaut. Only time will tell if King’s run eventually reaches the same nostalgic heights as Snyder’s/Capullo’s run.

Catwoman #14

The Artgerm variant is a guaranteed grab. At this point, most shops have caught on to order enough DC variant covers, especially if it’s Artgerm, Middleton, or Frison. However, with the added extra dollar for a fancy cardstock cover, shops may start to order a little bit less.

DCeased #4

This is a solid story, more solid than the Tin Hat expected. Putri may be off horror cover duty, but Tasia M. S. provides an awesome Final Destination homage. This is her first published US work, and based on her artist portfolio, the 19-year-old can reach similar heights as Jenny Frison. Follow her if you don’t already. Also, Mattina’s Joker variant is too sweet.

Harley Quinn #64

Harley goes through a brief identity change here. Will this be a quick flip book? The cover sure makes it look like it.

Lois Lane #2

The variant cover is a Yasmine Putri cover. Wouldn’t hurt to pick one up (or 3).

Martian Manhunter #8

Middleton brings back the dandiness, and the Tin Hat is loving it.

Supergirl #33

Like Keanu Reeves in a restaurant, Derrick Chew continues to bring the style to DC’s variant covers. Is this the first of many Supergirl covers? The Tin Hat sure hopes so.

Wonder Woman #76 & #77

Jenny Frison. ‘Nuff said.




While DC is taking Tom King’s approach to long-storytelling with their Year of the Villain event, Marvel is ready to pump out anniversary issues. Did anyone see Marvel #1000 coming? Also, it’s past 25 years since Maximum Carnage came out, and the successor is nearly upon us. Let’s see what else Marvel has cause to celebrate.

Absolute Carnage #1

Almost 2 years after his initial Thanos and Doctor Strange runs, Donny Cates is ready to write his love song to his favorite Marvel character. Seriously, this guy lives and breathes and wears Venom. The first few pages of Marvel’s Previews give us a quick preview of the event, a sign that Marvel is anticipating making bank on this event. Will it have a high print run? Yes. Will it have store exclusives? Yes. Will it still be collectible? Maybe. But you can bet your bottom tin foil that everyone will be talking about this event. Buy low if you can (or just wait on eBay for the undercutters).

Venom #17

Everyone is waiting for Dylan to get Venomized. Will it finally happen here, with both him and his dad seemingly on the run from symbiotes?

Marvel Comics #1000

Oh boy, here it is. Marvel sent out a giant net in the hopes of creating a random millennial issue. Billions upon billions of variants will reign upon us, Tin Hatters. (However, there is a Steve Ditko variant in there.) What is the Eternity Mask? Does it have to do with Eternity? And will it outsell more copies than Absolute Carnage? August is shaping up to be the month of Marvel.

Silver Surfer: Prodigal Sun #1

The potential second appearance of The Prodigal Sun. Who is he, and what is his history with the Silver Surfer? With the Fox-Disney merger now complete, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pick up new characters that get involved with the Fantastic Four and their cast.

Ghost-Spider #1

The recently rebooted title gets rebooted again. Marvel is really trying to force the Ghost-Spider moniker for Gwen. It also looks like she’ll start living in Earth-616 now. Quesada provides a variant that is probably a 1:50. Ratio Quesada (lady) variants tend to do well over time, so if you can find it cheap, definitely stash it away.

Gwenpool Strikes Back #1

Oh yeah, everyone’s favorite wise-cracking, fourth-wall breaking hero in pink and white tights is back! While it’s not longer Christopher Hastings writing, The Tin Hat is excited to collect more Gwendolyn Poole issues.

Agents of Atlas #1

The Agents of Atlas title has been the clear runaway winner between all the War of the Realms tie-ins. This fall, the series will get its first true number 1, and what better way to boost sales than by introducing another brand new Asian hero! Isaac Ikeda is ready to set the Marvel world and our wallets alight. This issue is guaranteed to be a higher print run than the tie-in issues, but it still isn’t a bad idea to collect this first appearance.

Savage Avengers #4

This series gets crazier than Tom Cruise on couches! Conan with guns!? The Punisher with a broadsword!? And what’s up with the symbiote sword? Get one issue at least.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Velocity #1

So will all of Spider-Man’s suit get their own mini-series? If that’s the case, then I can’t wait for the eventual release of the Bombastic Bag-Man series. However, pick up that Mega Man variant if not for nostalgia purposes.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #9

The last cover from Patrick O’Keefe. I’m collecting as many of these as I can and stuffing them into my Miles-eventual-money-bank longbox.

Spider-Man: Life Story #6

Canada’s National Treasure brings the final issue of his amazing Spider-Man mini. This is the best current Spider-Man title next to Tom Taylor’s series.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #10 & #11

Speaking of Tom Taylor, make sure you have these issues on your pull. Something major is waiting to happen. May not be a quick flip, but it sounds like it’ll be quickly satisfying to readers.

Sensational Spider-Man: Self Improvement #1

I’m picking this out only because it can be an interesting piece of Spider-Man Black Suit history. It looks like Marvel is going to print Randy Schueller’s story almost 40 years later. Randy Schueller is the fan that sent his idea for a black Spider-Man suit back in the 80s; Marvel paid him $220 but never used his story. Eventually, Marvel gave Spider-Man a black suit, but it was as an alien organism instead of Schueller’s planned Reed Richards way. Not sure how the legality of all this played out (I suppose he did sell his idea to them), but now, his original script will be brought to light. Let’s hope Schueller gets a better payout this time.

Captain Marvel #9

Mark Brooks kills it with this cover. Here’s hoping he gets to do a few more for this series. Will Carol Danvers undergo a new suit change?

Marvel Team-Up #5

This could be a long term hold, Tin Hatters. Ms. Marvel and her new suit team up with Captain Marvel and her regular suit to take on a Kree situation. Is Mar-Vell back? Probably not, but could the new character, Wastrel, have some connection to him? Only one cover. No variants. Definitely no store variants (hopefully). Pick this one up and hold.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #46

This fun and feel-good series is on its way to 50 issues. Also, the Rahzzah cover is amazing.

Star Wars: Tie Fighter #5

This killer read is about to end. This is more a series to collect and read while oohing and aahing at the covers.

Oooooh snap. This month definitely looks to be Marvel heavy. Let’s see what the rest of solicits look like.




Spawn #300

Here it is, Tin Hatters. Issue 300 of Spawn. Over 27 years ago, a group of headstrong artists got together and formed their own company. Out of everyone who founded it, it would be Todd McFarlane’s Spawn that would catch on the most and carry Image throughout many years. There have been many ups and downs, but Image continues to put out strong creator-owned content to this day, and through it all, Spawn is still here. No store variants. Just 12 different covers drawn by artists that McFarlane has hand-picked and has told they need to contribute to the interiors. J. Scott Campbell draws a Spawn cover for the first time and will certainly prove popular. A 1:25 and 1:50 ratio variant will exist as well. We salute you, Mr. McFarlane.

Coffin Bound #1

Speaking of solid creator-owned content, this one looks to be very solid indeed. Amazing colors with a story that can rival The Bad Batch, this one looks to be like a fantastic read.

Pretty Violent #1

Jason Young makes his creator-owned debut with Pretty Violent. He worked with Skottie on I Hate Fairyland and looks set to tackle his own series together with Derek Hunter. Gamma Rae wants to be a hero but against her siblings’ wishes it seems. This looks to be a fun humorous book in the same vein as I Hate Fairyland and will probably go to a 3rd print.

Die #6

Peach Momoko is starting to get a lot of cover work this year. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to pick up this variant.

The Walking Dead #194

Issue 192 confirmed the end of a character, and while it’s not lighting up the aftermarket yet, it’s steadily going for double cover. Regardless of how the character met his demise, it did get people interested in The Walking Dead again (or at least talking about it). This could see a slight uptick in sales and that could lead to people trying to collect this new sheriff’s first appearance (even if he looks like Rick). This could be a quick flip opportunity.


Dark Horse


Berserker Unbound #1

After the success of The Umbrella Academy, Netflix was eager to make a first-option deal with Dark Horse. There are a plethora of candidates, but this new series could be at the top of the list. Dark Horse is ready to introduce their own wasteland warrior since Marvel got the license to Conan back. They have a stacked creative team working on the book; Mike Deodato Jr. is providing amazing cover art and interiors, Frank Martin of East of West fame is coloring, Mr. Jeff “I’m full of options” Lemire is writing it, and Mike Mignola is taking a stab at the variant cover. This is a mini-series, yes, but could this character get a multitude of mini-series a lá Hellboy? Pick this up and wait for the Netflix announcement.

No One Left to Fight #2

Another mini-series with Netflix potential. This could be a great animated show.




Vampirella #2

This should be a guarantee pull for everyone, regardless if you’re an Artgerm collector or not (but everyone is probably an Artgerm collector anyway).




Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #2

Power Rangers fans love their Pink Ranger. Get at least one of those foil variants.


Aftershock Comics


Bad Reception #1

Juan Doe has found a nice home in Aftershock. His cover for this book is off the hook. Working with Cullen Bunn seems to have rubbed off on him in the best of ways as he’s prepared to bring his own brand of horror. Celebrity weddings, remote locations, murder mystery, this looks like a guarantee read.


Ahoy Comics


Second Coming #2

It seems like getting cancelled by DC was a Tom Cruise blessing in disguise. DC’s Vertigo line will be getting killed off soon, but this series with amazing potential will live on.




Omni #1

Another new hero from the Humanoids Universe. Time will tell if anything happens with this line. However, for you first appearance indie chasers, this is the book for you.


That’s it, Tin Hatters! August is looking like a mighty Marvel month. There are first appearances galore, so make sure you’re not caught paying double cover or more. If there are any books you feel that I missed, please shout them out. As always, look up into the skies, watch out for black-tailed rattlers, and farewell from the world of tomorrow!


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