August 26


Good Monday morning Comicers!


Some great news from last week…

Kamala, She-Hulk and Moon Knight are each getting their own TV series via Hulu. Thank you Disney!


Now, 3 premium “sneaky” picks


Why sneaky? Sneaky because these aren’t your typical well-known books everyone in the universe, or multi-verse, know about.


A1 #1, 2013, Artgerm Cover

Sneaky rare. Keep your eyes peeled for these. These sell instantly in the $100 range and with patience, you’re looking at $200+. Much more slabbed.


X-men, X-Men… X-Men!

FOOM #10, 1975

Previewing X-Men Giant #1. These used to hang around cheap but have become scarce at low prices with the success of Giant X-Men #1. But! Keep a lookout in the over-sized sections. Looks like $200-$300 avg. for a raw today. Hard to imagine they stay this low with the way Giant X-Men #1 continues its increase. Collectors are looking to a more affordable alternative and this has all the makings for just that! Like their mini Comic Reader counterparts, just about every issue of FOOM previews characters prior to their first official, or first well known, appearance.



Marvel Collectibles Classic Spider-man #1, 1998, Chrome

Is Spider-craze a character? A diehard fan who started their own spidey fan-club but got ousted by the spidey fan-club board of directors, causing him to go spidey-crazy and do Spidey-crazy things? No? I didn’t think so either. Sounds like the Joker, but for spiders!

In any event, if you see a copy for a few hundred dollars or less, it may be worth picking up if the condition’s nice. The gamble may pay off. 9.8’s are going for close to $1,000.



On to some flip picks!


Marvel Team-Up #65, 1978

Known as the first US appearance of Captain Britain, this book follows the increased interest of Captain Britain #1 from the 1976 UK series. Prices are ranging all over the place, but I’ll bet with some effort you’ll be able to scoop one, or some, up on the low end.


Marvel Fanfare #11, 1983

Iron Maiden aka Melina Vostokovna appearing in the upcoming Black Widow movie makes this an all-of-a-sudden desirable book. What also grabbed my attention is that several other characters are introduced in here. 5 more, in fact!


-Deadshot Darrance


-Black Lotus




Here are some images inside Fanfare #11.



Some pinups in the back too, including Man-Thing!






Rise of the TMNT Sound Off #1, RI, 2019 IDW.

Less than 4,000 of the regular issue made, so this 1:10 is likely at less than 400 printed. That’s what I love about IDW RI’s.


There’s also a preview of Tangle and Whisper Sonic the Hedgehog characters in here. I’m not sure which book they first appear in. Is it in here?



More turtle? Yes, yes. More turtle! This is the 4th printing of the very first issue.

Let’s take a look-sey!

Here’s the first version of Shredder and the foot clan. Sounds like a not-so-catchy name for a band.



And one of the first ever turtle fight sequences!



Some cool Splinter art in the back.



Along with some early turtle art as well. Almost reminds me of early Simpsons stuff with those beaks : )




These books are all variants from the 2nd Harris Vampirella series, produced beginning in 2001.

The first one is #1 with cover artwork by none other than Mr. J Scott Campbell.

Next, we have #12, with a cover by Mayhew that was limited to 1,500 copies

Lastly but not leastly, and out of order, we have #10, also limited to 1,500 copies.


Most of the centerfolds for these books are posters. Be sure to check your copies to make sure they’re still in there! That goes for you too, CGC!


Poster for #10.



Poster for #12



It’s the Surfing Alita Duck-wing!



Silver Surfer #81, 1993

Oh, how we love rumors. Tyrant rumored to appear in the MCU had this book in full liftoff mode. We’ll see how far it travels, when it lands, and where it lands at!


Let’s have a look inside…


It is simply called…. FORTRESS!



Before we get to the first appearance of Tyrant,

Or what. Kidding. Kidding! Yes, these cards are awesome!



Ok, here’s Tyrant’s cameo…



Zen! Too bad the cartoon got axed before it aired. We’re left with a video game, and a small little known toy line.



But wait! There’s more! Here’s the first appearance of Tyrant in full. If I scramble those same word around, would that be, first full Tyrant appearance?



What else is cool about this book? Probably the last page foldout formation.

Next month’s hottest titles! Ok, maybe not so hot, looking back. Ha!



Alita Battle Angel #1, 1992

Yes, this has cooled, but yes, people still want it, and yes, there aren’t enough in circulation to satisfy demand.


Hulk-head on a claw!

X-Men Classic #30, 1989


Also in this book, my imagination gets the best of me! Yet again!





The kicker? She didn’t even need CPR! Don’t miss the next exciting issue, where Cyclops faces charges filed by Marvel Corporate on behalf of Storm, in… Harassment in the work-shi’ar-space!


Disney Afternoon featuring Darkwing Duck!

These are the last 2 issues to the 1994 series, number’s 9 and 10, produced by Marvel Comics in 1995. Part of the ‘Grab ‘em when you see ‘um!’ movement!


More Hulk #340, 1988.

A must-have classic cover, imo.


Have another great week and enjoy the hunt, and the spoils!


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