August 5


Welcome to another addition of Comic Randomness! With extra sprinkles of what’s hot and what’s not!


The Punishing Spider-dragon!



ASM129, 1974.

Punisher demand is down a bit. No more show. Great time to buy? Maybe.


ASM31, 1965.

First Gwen Stacy!

Harry Obsorn also first appears. He becomes the new Green Goblin in ASM136.

Miles Warren, who later becomes The Jackal in ASM129, first appears in this book.


Iron Man #54, Jan. 1973. First Moondragon! Well, sort of!

Who is Moondragon?

She is one of the most powerful human born telepaths ever. Initially named Madame McEvil, she took the name Moondragon in Daredevil #105, Nov. 1973, her second appearance, which is actually her first appearance with the name Moondragon and the first time her origin is revealed. In it, Thanos is responsible for destroying the world she grew up on. Her character was later changed yet again. In the next iteration, Drax is her father. What book is that revealed in?

I also saw Dave Bautista, who plays Drax, has been campaigning for a spin-off Drax solo film. While Moondragon should be appearing in GOTG 3, she has quite a few galactic stories, including battling Galactus, overpowering both Dr. Strange and Professor X, and controlling the inhabitants of an entire planet to keep them from waring. If her on-screen presence hits, I could see her in a spinoff with Drax. Or at least in play for future Marvel films outside GOTG.

Here’s our first look at her in Iron Man #54.



Street-Fightin’ for Freedom, a Star is Finally born!



Miles Morales Spiderman #5, 2019

Though Starling hasn’t appeared much just yet, she revealed herself to be the granddaughter of The Vulture. Were there really no variants for this book? I only see a 2nd printing.


Last page reveal of Starling introduction…



Walking Dead #193, SDCC Variant edition.

Shocking final issue to the series that quite possibly changed the game for comics. Or re-energized the industry, at the very least.


Speaking of SDCC,

Capcom Summer Special, 2004 SDCC Exclusive, Udon Comics

Not sure how limited this book was.

In the solicitation, it is stated this is the first comic book appearance of the Darkstalkers, but they may be referring to the first comic book appearance under Udon. Darkstalkers, from what I see, first appear in the 1998-99 6-issue comic book miniseries Night Warriors Darkstalkers Revenge under Viz.


GI Joe #24, 2010, 1:10 Retailer Incentive.

Nothing key as far as I know about this issue. Purchased for plain scarcity. ComicChron, which we cannot trust 100% but is the closest place to gage print runs, shows 10,985 printed for this issue, making the 1:10 roughly 1,100 copies. Lots of assumptions here. For example, did Diamond account holders order at least 10 copies in order to get the 1:10? Or did a bunch of shops have, say, 7 customers who wanted a copy, thus ordering less than 10 and not receiving a 1:10? Is that how it works? Or does Diamond take the ratio of Regular covers ordered and simply print that amount for the RI no matter what?

Looking at ebay, less than a handful of copies are listed for sale. $3-$15. Not terribly expensive. No recorded sales over the past few months either, which leads me to believe no one cares about it. Ha! Not at this point in time anyways.


Savage Dragon #10 1994 Newsstand Edition.

What’s cool about this issue is the newsstand cover is different from the direct edition.

Only 1 copy currently listed for sale on “The Bay”, asking $60.

(3) sold in the last few months, all in the $40-range.


Excalibur #1 Not for Resale Edition.

I believe this version was included with the toy. Like the Savage Dragon #10 newsstand, it doesn’t show up for sale often.


Spider-Hulk Verse Bounty-Chuck!



SP//dr’s ready to creep on Hulk, but, Hulk ready! Fett’s ready to take out SP//dr, for a hefty ransom, and Chucky’s waiting to take them all out! All out war!


Edge of Spider-verse #5, 2014, 1:25 Retailer Incentive. Cover by Greg Land.

From rather unknown characters to instant fame. Thank you Into the Spider-verse movie!

But, who is Peni and what is SP//dr? Let’s let the book where she first appears tell us in the opening 3 pages!





Totally Awesome Hulk #1, 2015

First Amadeus Cho as the Hulk!

The first cover shown is a 1:20. Cheap buy-in at present. Under $10.

The Cho is 1:25 and looks to fetch $30+ at the moment.

There’s another 1:25, a hip hop cover, a second printing and a few others. Lots of covers on this one!


Star Wars #1, 2015 Pop Collectibles Boba Fett B&W Variant. Cover by Alex Maleev.

Tales of Suspense #39 Iron Man homage cover, limited to 1,500.

Looks like a $30-range seller at the moment.


Child’s Play 3 #1, 1992 Innovation.

Child’s Play new movies and tv series have created interest in these older Chucky books. There were 3 Innovation miniseries, one for each of the first 3 Child’s Play movies. There’s also a 4-issue Devil’s Due Chucky series from 2007, along with a few one shots.





Hulk #234, 1979.

Marvel Man changes his codename to Quasar.


Outsiders #21, 1987

First Lady Clayface.

I don’t see many of these around. Surprising. Saw her in a DC solicit last month.


Here she is first appearing and first time in action…




Who’s new in the 1987 DC Universe?!?




Peter Panzerfaust #1, 2012, Image Comics.

Stuck in the past on this pick. Raws are down to the $20-range. 9.8’s are right around $100. Is this book dead in the water, destined to be forgotten in time? Or will we all be shocked one day with development news? I’ll pull the X-Men character card… Longshot!


Seeing Red!



Avengers #43, 1967

First Red Guardian.

He has been cast in the Black Widow film.


Who is the Red Guardian?

Alexi Alanovich Shostakov was a pilot and hero of the Soviet Union. He was married to the Natasha, but when he went underground on secret missions, she was told he died. She wanted to honor his memory, beginning training and taking on the name Black Widow. Alexi became the Soviet Union’s Captain America, though he became evil during his training.


Here’s his intro…



And a few action panels.



And the big, shocking reveal!



Warhammer 40K Convention Special, 2006, Boom Studios.

This was a giveaway at SDCC 2006, previewing the series that came out from Boom at the end of that year.

Saw the option news during SDCC frenzy a few weeks back now. The creator of Man in the High Castle is bringing Warhammer 40K to live action tv.


What is Warhammer about?

A miniature tabletop wargame created in 1987, Warhammer 40,000 takes place in the distant future, where humans are attacked by hostile aliens and supernatural creatures with futuristic weapons and magical powers.

This could be a fantastic show if done right and with budget.


Metal Gear Solid #1, 2004, 2nd print.

Pretty sure this will be headed to film. There’s also a Diamond Retailer Summit variant limited to 1,000 and a 1:25.


And that’s all the time we have for this week. Or do we have more time? What is time? Is time the most important thing?


Have a spectacular, spectating week!


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