Avengers Assemble, Morbius, Tiger Woods and More!



Less that 2 weeks to Endgame y’all!  There is no time for a long winded intro this week,  My hockey team and basketball team are in the playoffs, the wife is willing to cosplay the White Violin ( comic costume ) and Rob Liefeld made Spider-Man Deadpool 47 a gem.  Things cannot get much better.  Enjoy the pics!







Avengers 10 & 16

First time anyone says “Avengers Assemble ” and first time Cap says it

Leakage is a bad thing.  Some major spoilers for Endgame just hit and we now know that a most famous battle cry is finally going to be bellowed on screen.

  The first time anyone said it was Thor in Avengers 10 ( and again in 14 ).  But in Endgame Cap gets the honor, as he should.  He first said it on the cover of this Kirby classic.





Creatures on the Loose 30

Tyrese Gibson has been cast as Simon Stroud, the agent paid to hunt down Morbius in the upcoming film.  It remains to be seen what kind of role he will have and non-powered castings don not do as well as heroes.  Still, this is a bad ass cover and he may very well play  major role.




The Simpsons Comics 63

First appearance of Tiger Woods in comics

The legend is back!  What a win for a guy who can’t out drive the field and has a back held together with glue.  Tiger has made a few comic appearances, here is his debut.





Young Justice 1 ( Jiminez Variant )

First appearance of Naomi ( Preview )

No racially insensitive, misinformed first appearance notification here, just a simple preview that predates issue 1 of Naomi.  There are a ton of these but the Jiminez  Superboy appears to be the winner.  Technically this is her first appearance is a Young Justice book and she is set to join the team.





Hellboy: Darkness Calls 3 & Fairy Parade Tale Parade 6

First appearance of Koschei the Deathless and first appearance of both in the public domain

Yea I know, Hellboy is not doing well at the box office.  Sadly they set up for a sequel but now who knows if it will ever happen.  If it does Koschei is likely the main protagonist along with Baba Yaga.




Hanna-Barbera Scooby-Doo 1

First appearance of Dynomutt

Ya tell me there is a live action Dynomutt coming and I go buy the first.  That is all.




Avengers Vol 4 issue 12

First time Iron Man wears the Infinity Gauntlet

There’s a lot of speculation as to who is going to wear that Iron Gauntlet in Endgame.  My money is on Iron Man. Now that we know Professor Hulk ( he’s a lefty anyways! ) can’t handle it, it seems to be between Iron Man and Danvers.




What the?! 10

First appearance of Bart Simpson in comics

While on the hunt for odd Akira books ( see me next week for more! )  I came across this little golden nugget.  Not only do Jughead, Archie, Calvin, Hobbes, Charlie Brown and a ton of others appear but Bart Simpson does too and it predates all other comic appearances.  It is important to note that these characters are not parodies either.



Captain Marvel 1 ( 2012 )

First Danvers with short Hair.

NOTE:  There are other covers for this book including a sketch 2nd printing.

Best to end on more Endgame spoilers.  It appears Brie will have a new cut, taken right from the comics in the Phase 3 finale.



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