Barracuda, The Sentry, Star Trek and More!

This week there’s only  a few quick picks  as G+ member Clint Joslin and I  are hard at work on something special for next week.  Enjoy!

The Punisher 31,32 Volume 7

First appearance and first cover for Barracuda


Netflix’s Punisher is the best series they have done on that platform to date.  Yea I said it.  It’s even better than Daredevil Season 1.  Now that ending sure does set up a probable return for one of Frank’s greatest foes but I suspect some other names could be added into the mix if Frank gets back into the game.  Here’s  hoping this guy makes the cut.

Oh and as far as Jigsaw covers go I expect the Jigsaw from the Nextflix show will be a stylish monster, hopefully dressed like this!


Star Wars 89

First appearance of Luke’s ship


So you may have seen this in the past year if you were looking hard.  A nearly identical ship is seen in The Force Awakens.  No one knows what this means but if you collect comics with connections to the films then this one should be on your list.


Your Name ( Kimi no na wa )

First appearance your name. 01

IF you haven’t seen this manga I suggest you do.  It’s one of the best I have seen in a long time.  J.J. Abrams liked it so much he’s doing an American adaptation.


Star Wars 81

With rumors of a Boba Fett movie swirling again you have to wonder how such a thing can be possible if it’s not a prequel.  Star Wars 81 explains it and if any movie plot is similar this one will heat up.


Wizard Magazine 105,105b

First appearance of The Sentry

With Donnie Cates bringing the Sentry back he has undone one of the better deaths in recent Marvel memory.  But that’s comics right!  No one stays dead.  The Sentry is a great character with a controversial but original origin.  The variants for his first comic appearance always seem to do well but his actual first appearance was in this much-maligned issue of Wizard.  In this case I have to say a magazine is a character’s first because Wizard broke the fake story about how the Sentry was um….rediscovered.  These are becoming harder to find especially bagged new.

Witzend 3

First appearance of MR. A


Wallace Wood’s comic anthology series put the spotlight on newcomers and industry heavyweights starting in 1966.  It was truly ahead of its time, giving more creative power to its contributors.

Mr. A is an unapologetic crime fighter who, like Rorschach, it willing to abuse the rights of those he deems evil to stamp out crime.  Ditko says the Question is simply a more marketable version of Mr. A and since Rorschach is Moore’s version of the Charlton hero, it’s kind of cool that he basically makes his version of the Question a modern Mr. A.  Mr. A doesn’t get mentioned often in connection to the Watchmen crime fighter but one cannot deny the influence.

Star Trek 56

First appearance of the Guardian of Forever

Star Trek: Harlan Ellison’s City of the Edge of Forever 1, 1 Sub, 1 2nd print

First appearance of City on the Edge of Forever

Here’s some insanity, It looks like Quentin Tarantino might be directing a rated R Star Trek film based on a pitch to JJ Abrams.

So what does that have to do with comics? Well Quentin did an interview where he describes what kind of film he might be into making and man it should get any fan excited. It’s clear his love is for the original cast and his favorite work is one of the best episodes, Harlan Ellison’s City on the Edge of Forever. Now it wasn’t until 2014 that City was finally adapted by IDW and there’s no guarantee Tarantino adapts it but it’s as good a bet as any especially when one considers the current timeline allows for his own version of the story.

There’s a variant and a 2nd print for City on the Edge.

There’s also another book to consider, Star Trek 56 from Gold Key/Whitman. It is the first appearance of the Guardian of Forever.

These picks are highly speculative but Tarantino takes what he loves and makes it his own, I could easily see him doing that once again.




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